Any Igbo Politician Dreaming of Becoming A Nigerian President Come 2023 Is Day Dreaming


Since after the handing over to self by Buhari on May 29th of last month, I kept asking this question but none seems interested in answering me. 

  • Where is Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi and the #Atikulators? 
  • Why the sudden silence?

Why did they suddenly gone underground without any words anymore? 

The handing over of May 29 has come and gone, and so was the most expectant June 12, yet no sign of any of them.

Away from that, in as much as we knew that the case of rigging has been on going in the election tribunal in Abuja, we should also know that the man presiding over the case is a Northerner and both the complainant and the accused are both northerners, so it is still a win-win situation for the north! 

Then again, here's the answer to the question above: 

It could be that the leaders in the core north have agreed to hand over the mandate to Atiku through the election tribunal after 3 years and declare him the winner of the 2019 election just in order to retain power to the north. 

Why they hadn't given him his mandate is because they do not trust him solely as they trusted Buhari (Jubril) just because of the Igbo man he used as running mate, so they have to keep him under close watch until after 3 years. 

An agreement he would easily consent to, which is why he has been keeping mute all along believing that the patient dog eat the fatest bone in due time.

So whosoever that is dreaming of Igbo presidency come 2023 is just arriving Nigeria from another planet, he or she is not familiar with the antics of the Caliphates.

The only solution to all of us is the restoration of the sovereign Biafran nation.


Any Igbo Politician Dreaming Of Becoming A Nigerian President Come 2023 Is Day Dreaming

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