Atiku Abubakar Meeting With Obasanjo is Over Oil Blocks

Today people are talking about Biafra while others are talking and thinking of how to rebuild Nigeria from what has happened to it or what is happening to the country; while Obasanjo and Atiku still have corrupt mind on how to milk more from a dying cow.

The meeting of Atiku Abubakar with Obasanjo is all about oil blocks. I have never seen this type of greedy people like this Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba people.

Over five million Biafrans killed during the war of annexing the Biafra republic is just to control the Biafra oil. For over 50 years and still counting they are still controlling the peoples’ oil and still killing them. Yet they are not satisfied. Treating to kill them more if they try to go.

For how long will you allow the owners of the wealth to control their wealth? Imagine holding meetings about how to control the Biafra oil at otta in Abeokuta and no Biafra man was consulted. After all the rubbish they will expect the Biafrans to participate in such election. We will resist them unless they conduct a referendum for us. Election boycott is our final bus stop in Biafra land.

~M J R.



Atiku Abubakar Meeting With Obasanjo is Over Oil Blocks

Atiku Abubakar and Obasanjo
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