Buhari Has A Double In Aso Rock

Buhari Was Not Cloned But Has A Double In Aso Rock !!!..Mossad.

The Israeli secret service intelligence agency ( MOSSAD ) spokesman categorically stated.

Mark Regev, an Israeli diplomat and civil servant, and the Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom since April 2016 till date has confirmed that there is a DOUBLE BUHARI in ASO ROCK .

Buhari Has A Double In Aso Rock

Buhari Double Image
Israeli secret service (MOSSAD)
Buhari Imposter

Terrific Revelations..

"Within 14 days.. Keep your eyes on the ball They have come again..  

On 27th November, the Sudanese Minister for foreign affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohammed Ahmed revealed it's countries willingness to probe into the allegation that one of its citizens Al-Sudani Aminu Jubril who is somewhere in West Africa, impersonating a president..

On 4th December 2018, a combined team of officers of the Nigerian security forces were sent to Sudan on an exchange training program..

"Exchange" but we didn't see their Sudanese counterparts arrive. 

On 7th December 2018, a Sudanese journalist, Ahmed Ihsan Mo Fagiri tweeted that "how suddenly an Al-Qadarif farmland boy who is not even qualified to be a province head became a president in a strange land! An 8th wonder of the world"..

The Journalist that was investigating the Al-Qadarif boy disappeared within 9hours of that tweet and the tweet was deleted..

But he has put the town on the map.. This is the state of the IMPOSTOR.. 

10th December 2018,

At least seven local government officials were killed in a helicopter crash in Sudan’s eastern Al-Qadarif state on Sunday, state news agency SUNA reported.

The state’s governor and three security officials were among the dead said to have been carrying out a security tour of the province.

Can we all applaud for a governor who does security tour by himself.. LMAO! 

It was not immediately clear what caused the crash. State TV earlier reported that a plane, not a helicopter, had crashed..

Al-Qadarif state is known for its farmland and agricultural projects. – Reuters

Any moment 11th December 2018 at the international wing of the Murtala Mohammed airport.. Our combined team of security men are expected to return from Sudan.. The untimed "security short course" is over.. Security statement said, "due to the crash, the area is not considered safe for military trainings".

There is no military facilities in Al-Qadarif. Did our security team go to a farm settlement to learn how to harvest cassava with explosives?? Ayam confused now.. I can't deal with the correlation.. Somebody pour me hot stew please!.. Las las.. Dem Go Tire

Either they have taught some people a lesson or they have learnt a lesson.. Either way there is a deep lesson to learn in the new bilateral relationship between Sudan and Nigeria..

Countries like Saudi Arabia de learn for the matter.. Just Jamal Khashoggi and they messed up.. We are picking pawns back to back on the chess board and no one can trace Jack..

Disappearances and deaths.. That's how we roll but naa Dem Go Tire..

But don't forget, that to whom brain is given.. Sense is expected! 

I don't want to think too much..lemme grab my mind and see how only PVC will win it's home match against Nigeria, away against Sudan and finally win on the imaginary neutral ground in PVC vs APC with INEC officiating..

If you see Nnamdi Kanu, fill his cup onbehalf of me.. Whatever the cost of the drink.. I will pay!

keep your eyes on the ball.. Dem Go Tire"

With thanks to Bishops Edwin

Me: Shortly after Nnamdi Kanu started shouting about an Impostor in Asorock last year, Nigerian Envoy to Sudan was assassinated in his Home in Sudan and till date investigation is on going.

If after reading this article and your brain is still not opened, then you are lower than an animal! — with Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav.



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