Sudanese Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed

Jubril Saga Has Now Gone Worldwide

Jubril Saga Has Now Gone Worldwide

Igbo Focus
28th November 2018

According to Sudanese Government, they have been receiving quarries all over the world regarding their alleged citizen 'Jubril Al-Sudani Aminu' impersonating President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigerian.

The so called President Muhammadu Buhari or fake President Buhari has been doing a lot of signing, from Chinese loan, to Germany trade agreement, to UK transacting agreement all are signed with bogus signature of the fake President Muhammadu Buhari. The signature he is using is a replica to President Buhari’s signature. No matter how genuine it looked, it is a forgery. From the day Buhari died his signature became ineffective. Thus those signings the fake Buhari signature is doing on their peril as contract cannot be honoured if the signature is forged.

According to contract procedures, contracts are voluntarily entered into every day by two or more parties who wish to be bound by them. Nevertheless, this may not be the case when one of the signatures on the contract is forged or signed by unauthorised person/party. There are certain actions that an individual can take if he or she learns of forgery.

For Sudanese Government to be receiving several petitions from various global organizations and pressure from the international community meant that a lot of organisations, investors and countries are now worried about their investments or contracts signed by fake Buhari.

Forgery is usually considered a crime when a person creates a false document by writing or altering a genuine one with the intent to defraud or deceive.

For example if a fake president signs a contract without Nigerians knowing that he is bogus, Nigerians are not liable to the contract he signed. Therefore, all these countries signing whatever they are signing with the fake Buhari must understand that Nigeria will not honour whatsoever he is signing.

They should wait for the outcome of Sudanese Government investigation, as according to Sudanese Government: "after receiving several petitions from various global organizations and pressure from the international community, the republic of Sudan has concluded plans to launch an in-depth investigation into the report of our purported citizen 'Jubril Al-Sudani Aminu' allegedly impersonating the President of the Nigerian State." — Sudanese Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed.




Buhari - Fake


(1) He can't speak Fulani indigenous language, the Language  which Buhari speaks fluently. 

(2) He can't remove his cap, the real Buhari normally removes his cap. 

(3) He can't wear a suit without a cap while the real Buhari wears a suit without a cap.

(4) All of a sudden he became shorter than Bukola Saraki, the real Buhari was taller than Bukola Saraki.

(5) All of a sudden he became very much younger.

(6) He didn't attend the summit in Paris while they photoshop him claiming that he went Summit in Paris.

(7) He can now write with his right hand, from when he was young, the real Buhari always write with his left hand but of a recent, he is writing with his right.

(8) He can't appear in public anymore as the real Buhari always appearing in public places.


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