Jubrin Aminu Al-Sudani (The Aso Rock Impostor) And The Chronicle Of Sudanese Islamic Invaders

Jubrin Aminu Al-Sudani (The Aso Rock Impostor) And The Chronicle Of Sudanese Islamic Invaders

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, avowed truth peddlers, fighters of freedom, justice and equity, is morally obligated to wholesomely unravel before the world, the Sudanese impostor, Jubrin Aminu Al-Sudani, contracted by the Nigerian Fulani Caliphate. This evil agenda was premised on their desire to hold on to power, at least till the completion of the tenure of late President Muhammadu Buhari. The IPOB media reconnaissance around the territories of Northern Nigeria, Niger Republic and Sudan, has really been intensified as the unmasking project of the impostor in Aso Rock heightens. Few days past, crack team of IPOB journalists drafted from Family Writers Press led by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze, stormed Katsina emirate in covert media reconnaissance cum intelligence gathering concerning Buhari's double on Nigeria's seat of power. Family Writers Press Correspondents, infiltrated the area as Southern Kaduna indigenous Hausa natives on investigative concerns if there exists or had existed any relationship between the Fulani Caliphate based in Nigeria and the Sudanese in a very distant land of Sudan. This was to guidedly determine the factors that facilitated the securing of the Nigerian government, of such an evil contract with this Jubrin Aminu Al-Sudani to criminally deceive the world into accepting him as Muhammadu Buhari.

Landing at the city of Katsina, the late Buhari's home State's capital, we resorted to the usage of Hausa language to be able to make appreciable inroad and interact with indigenous Hausa community bordering on the allegations/revelations being made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that the personality presently occupying Aso Rock, is a Sudanese impostor. Some gullible individuals were of the opinion that it is yet the real Muhammadu Buhari but his mannerisms gravely differ from his originality due to his prolonged illness and treatment in London. This such claimed, had really impaired his ability to clearly recognize the people he earlier knew in life. As investigation and interaction proceeded with these individuals who claimed to be Hausas based in Katsina and Katafs from Southern Kaduna, we encountered one Mallam Tanko Maikasuwa, a trader. In his narrative, he revealed that there actually exists a long standing relationship between the Fulani controlled Nigerian government and the people of Sudan. Family Writers Press learnt that the Sudanese have maintained a track record of rescuing people with whom they share close affinity with, in moments of trouble and difficulty. Mallam Tanko Maikasuwa further revealed how a certain fellow named Bashir Tukur from Oondoman in Sudan, came to the rescue of the indigenous Hausas of the then ancient city of Katsina and environs which were under the menace of a magic python that was randomly swallowing it's Katsina victims.

He maintained that following the intervention of this Sudanese magic man called Bashir Tukur, the ancient leaders of Hausa Kingdoms, ceded portions of Gombir land to him as a compensation. This land was thereafter, renamed Sokoto by the invading nomads which overran it with the surrounding environs for habitation. These people he called his brethren partly came in as protectors to the indigenous Hausa natives against future occurrences. Bashir Tukur then went back home to the Sahara desert region and massively gathered his nomadic brothers for sojourn in Hausaland which was freely given to them by the Hausa leaders for nomadic grazing transactions. According to Mallam Maikasuwa, the magic knife that was used by the Sudanese rescuer, Bashir Tukur to kill the magic Python, is yet hanging till date, inside the palace of the Emir of Katsina as a symbol of authority. It acted as a talisman for conquests during the pre-colonial years of jihad against the indigenous Hausas. He stated that it was the fellow migrants of Bashir Tukur, that eventually brought in Uthman Dan Fodio, also from the Sahara region of Sudan, who gruesomely carried out jihad wars against Hausa Kingdoms, conquered them and got himself enthroned as the first Sultan of Sokoto in the year, 1808. Uthman Dan Fodio's jihadist army finally conquered the rest of the ancient kingdoms of Hausa like Kano, Zazzau, Bauchi, Katsina, Daura, Adamawa etcetera, and established Fulani Emirates with direct power control from Sokoto Caliphate, under the supreme jihadist overseership of Uthman Dan Fodio. It was only the Kanuri kingdom that was left off the hook of the brutal conquest due to a long standing



relationship that existed between Kanem-Borno Empire established in the year 1437, by Mai Idris Alouma, a renowned warrior from the empire. Kanem is a Sudanese ancient kingdom while Borno is the present day Borno State of Nigeria which is ostensibly inhabited by Kanuri natives. But the then Kanem people of Sudan and the present day Borno of Northern Nigeria, formed the empire state known as Kanem-Borno, led by Mai Idris Alouma.

In the course of the rigorous interactions with the Hausas, it was further discovered that quite a number of the far Nigerian Northerners are already very much aware that the present Aso Rock occupant is not President Muhammadu Buhari. They are terrified of speaking up about the evil committed by the Fulani controlled Nigerian government. Mallam Tanko Maikasuwa and his colleague traders within the vicinity, made it abundantly clear that the coming of this Buhari double known as Jubrin Aminu Al-Sudani, is another version of magic which Bashir Tukur from Sudan, came to deliver the Fulani Caliphate from, mainly to forestall the drift of control of Nigeria's political power from their hands. Most of the Hausa indigenous traders confided of their awareness that the fellow presently in Aso Rock is not and can never be President Muhammadu Buhari but a blatant impostor from Sudan who came in on invitation, to hold power for the Fulanis until the tenure of late President Buhari elapses.

Jubril - Buhari Imposter

When asked further by the Family Writers Press why many Northerners prefer to keep this anomaly a top secret despite their knowledge, they simply responded that it is suicidal for them to attempt to openly state the truth. In fact, the highest point of our interactions with them in Katsina city, was when they pointedly stated: "Ai Nnamdi Kanu, ya bude bakinsa ya fadi da cewa, shi da yake acikin Aso Rock, Jubrin ne daga Sudan, an kwusa yan taawaye su kashe si, amma ya gudu daga wannan kasa".

Translated in English language, it means: "Even Nnamdi Kanu opened his mouth, and said that the person in Aso Rock is Jubrin from Sudan. But government sent soldiers who nearly killed him before he escaped from this country".

It is worthy of note to state at this juncture, that most Northerners including Muslims and Christians, are all on the know about the identity of the present occupant of Aso Rock. He is a Sudanese impostor. They adjudged it to be a patterned rescue effort of the Sudanese, subtly employed at intervals of need to the advantage of the Fulani oligarchy here in Nigeria, against foreseeable dangers. This commenced precisely in 1657 when Bashir Tukur came into that part of the world and killed the magic python that was randomly swallowing the Hausas within Katsina and environs. This persisted till the jihad days of Uthman Dan Fodio which culminated eventually, to his self enthronement as the foremost Sultan of Sokoto. This was followed by the establishment of emirates across the entire Hausa kingdoms. Jubrin of Sudan is indisputably, going down the memory lane of established history, as the upgraded version of Bashir Tukur and Uthman Dan Fodio, all of whom are Sudanese. The primary purpose of their sojourn is to exert their jihadistic conquest on the indigenous population of the land.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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