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The Presidential Mistake, Making Nnamdi Kanu A Legend By Mistake

8th November 2015

My old man will argue and say “Like play like play ,that is how butterfly will enter bush” . The movement  many people including me tagged the erection of the infantile has turned into a 5 star strategic synch ,just like a Magician with a smoke and mirror .

We saw the re-emergence of Biafra as it was resurrected by Comrade Raph Uwazulike under the Umbrella of Massob ,he walked  and waking the sleeping consciousness of Biafrans of the Mind into Biafrans of the Reality but with trepidation and askance .

 He started the resurrection in 1999 when he came back from India after his Pre-school days and as a lawyer he abandoned his law practise and borrowed MATMAHA GANDI robe of movement and initiate the minds of the youths into NON VIOLENCE group that agitates for a peaceful nation ,the  Youths from states of the South east started buying into that gospel ,then some of our Elites in Usa joined  under the banner of BIAFRA FOUNDATION ,WASHINTON DC .

 The American group brought into the equation what Uwazulike and Massob lacked in Tactics . They started the first VOBI RADIO [VOICE OF BIAFRA INTERNATIONAL] they were broadcasting from Washington  with astute intelligence ,but the loveless marriage between Massob and Biafran Foundation hit the rock once General Obasanjo started his ground work ,he send emissaries with bags of money among the groups and they dropped he Biafran quest and started the Naira hunt ,the crack became obvious when even Uwazulike refused to be reasoned with ,the Biafran Foundation started acting like tiny gods ,the people that stood with them were kicked in the groin and one of the most vibrant internet arms of BIAFRAN FOUNDATION CALLED  BIAFRAN ACTUALISATION FORUM [BAF ] were deserted ,it was a YAHOOGROUPS SOLIDARITY FORUM where the awareness of Biafra grew like wild fire .

Well to cut down the long story into a shorter version ,after Uwazulike went to KUJE prison and released ,it was rumoured that he was giving  tons of money ,be it as it may ,after that the centre of MASSOB cannot hold ,factions emerged ,splinter groups persisted and among those splinter we have this NNAMDI KANU ..

CUT TO THE CHASE- NNAMDI KANU talked rough and raw without decorum ,his approach irritates many people ,his message was,nt the best and many people did not take him serious only some wounded youths that believe in some almighty UN that will wake up and pronounce Biafra ,but those in the Know did not take him serious....

Today the President in his many mistakes has made NNAMDI  to gain so many disciples and MY PERSONAL RESPECT despite my sceptism , the President who i stated doubting his Military intelligence when a PHANTOM attack was carried out against him during the days of GEJ .When it was rumoured that he has a hand in BOKO HARAM and when they named him as a Negotiator and in a haste to distant self from the group a Mock Bomb attack was carried out on his convoy ,the story was so pathetic that CHIBOK COMIC STORY sounds better . As a Military general ,when attack was carried out on him ,he stopped his Vehicle and came out in the open wearing a WHITE CLOTHING MATERIAL and started inspecting the damage, when even a lance Corporal will move far far away from the spot because if it was a planned attack and a high profile one at that ,there must be a secondary team [at least we have watched enough HOLLYWOOD movies to learn this ],but our Retired General came out and pose for pictures ,but i digress ..

Then to the issue at hand ,this boy NNAMDI KANU his only crime was sitting at the comfort of MICROPHONE and spew his Jargon that did not even spare his own people ,and when he came in to Nigeria ,he was arrested and that was the only thing such a person need to become a LEGEND and today ,kill him HE IS A MATTER ,release him ,he is  A 6 STAR GENERAL with battalions that will die for him ,keep him in prison and you may see a revolution that will AWE the nation and like it or not ,i am surprise that our most intelligent sect the DSS did not see this and advise accordingly ,and today see the MILLION MATCH that no money can buy .

From CALABAR TO BAYELSA TO ENUGWU TO RIVERS STATE ,DELTA STATE and the BOYS ,youths of no more than 40 years of age  stood in the SUN ,some trekked from OGWASHI UKU to ONITSHA ,they blocked off half of the HIGHWAYS and what they chant all the way is “NO BIAFRA NO PEACE” . “RELEASE NNAMDI KANU” when you see the precision and perfection of the organising team ,not even one person among the over 3 million youths carry a stone, talkess of any weapon  and they did not molest any person on the way ,they marched under intense and scorching sun un-deterred and focused .

The Military gave them escort in many cases because doing counter  will result into something nobody wants to be part of.

 The FIRST day march was a perfect civil display of matured audience the only time they stop any VEHICLE are  the one with NIGERIAN FLAGS ,they will stop it and remove the flag and allow the driver to continue .

Day two they marched from ONITSHA into AWKA and with the SOLDIERS stationed at the entrance of AWKA with THE POLICE to dispel them ,when the movement which is not less than 500,000 NON VIOLENT YOUTHS APPROACHED the Barricade ,the intelligent law officer did the right thing ,they make way and followed them with security Vehicles from behind ,this boys only chanted same SONG “NO BIAFRA ,NO PEACE” and they added a twist “WE DON WANT OBIANO AGAIN IN OUR SOIL,HE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING BUT  ONLY DRINKING” ,they did not touch or molest anybody .

THE MARCH WAS A PEACEFUL ONE and THE LEGEND OF NNAMDI KANU GROWS and my RESPECT FOR HIM SOARS because our Head of state did not ask his intelligence officer what is best for this kind of person .

 A good officer would,ve advised you leave his kind of person alone but put a visible team on his wake ,so that he will know he is been monitored and that will control his movement and cause many people to stay away from him ,but arresting him is a mistake of a MINOR and continue detaining him is like a NEEDLE ROMANCING A BALLON and with that i say HAPPY SUNDAY MY PEEPS .


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  1. Biafran agitation has nothing to do with hydrocarbon crude oil deposits in Niger Delta. Imo, Abia, Anambra are currently oil producing states in Nigeria, with huge natural gas reserves not forgetting the enormous untapped coal deposits in Enugu.
  2. Biafra is not land-locked. It has numerous access to the sea, including through the River Niger.
  3. Biafra entire population is about 35 million people which is greater than the population many advanced countries in Western Europe, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Austria....etc
  4. Biafra does not or in any form signify war, violence, armed struggle or any sort of physical confrontation. BIAFRA IS NOT WAR! It simply means political, economic and socio-cultural freedom from a feudalist State ruled by terrorists and Jihadists.
  5. Biafra is not a call for massive exodus to Igbo land. Put differently, every Igbo or Biafran must not live in Biafra land. Those who wish could still maintain their residency wherever they are as well as own properties anywhere in the world, including Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Abeokuta…etc.
  6. Independent and sovereign Biafra will never translate to loss or forfeiture of landed properties of her citizens in Lagos, Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria. There are many domestic and international treaties, conventions and laws that protects Assets of non-citizens everywhere in the World, that will apply appropriately.
  7. The NEW BIAFRA shall be a coalition of desirous and willing ethnic nationalities in defunct Eastern Nigeria and would never be a forceful annexation of any unwilling ethnic nationality within its current geo-political definition. Ijaws, Ogonis, Ibibio, Anangs, Efiks, Ogojas, and host of other ethnic minorities shall possess the privilege to decide whether to tango politically with their Igbo brethren or go their own separate ways or remain part of current structural deficient Nigeria.
  8. Biafra is a train of peace and liberty. A desire for liberation from institutionalised stumbling blocks like quota system and federal character principles in Nigeria’s quasi-unitary society. It is a movement against internal colonialism, tribal gang-ups, economic marginalisation and political subjugation of Igbo and ethnic minority neighbours.
  9. It has nothing to do with hate, bigotry or ethnic chauvinism.
  10. Just a desire to live in a healthy society where your tribe, tongue, religion or creed does not define who you are or how far you would go in your career.




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The Canonization of Nnamdi Kanu by President Buhari

Nnamdi Kanu image

I am an Igbo man who is relatively up to speed in events in Nigeria and especially the ones involving the Igbo. But I must admit that I never heard of Nnamdi Kanu [image above]. I was aware that President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration once announced that it has jammed Radio Biafra. I could not verify the story as I never had tuned in to Radio Biafra and cared less. 

Then I heard that Nigerian State Security officers have arrested and detained Mr. Kanu the Managing Editor of Radio Biafra. It was only then that the alarm systems in me went off.

I have since then written about four articles on Mr. Kanu. New York Times, Reuters, New Delhi Times, Israeli Prime Minster, and even a British Parliamentarian have asked the British Minister for Foreign Affairs to get in touch with the PMB Administration to ask questions. 

There have been demonstrations in SE and SS and abroad demanding unconditional release of Mr. Kanu. Million man marches are being planned. Mr. Kanu has become the lighting rod of Nigerian political debate as can be seen from scanning Nigerian dailies.

Up to this time people who want Biafra had been on the back ground murmuring their wishes but doing nothing. Apparently they were setting PMB up to make a mistake that would then ignite them; apparently PMB has fallen on the trap by providing the movement a leader that they have been looking for. 

The formerly leaderless MASSOB and NBDM now have a rallying cry and a rallying leader made much greater they he is. He is now a lion of Judah.

How did we get to this point? It seems that the ever bumbling PMB Administration has once more wrestled defeat out of the jaws victory. PMB won a clear victory and with a vast majority of Nigerians and the world falling in love with the presumed messiah sent by God to clean up the Aegean Stable that was/is Nigeria. 

In nearly half a year he has not formed a government. He has not given THE SPEECH that would tell the world where he would be going and how he intends to get there. On fighting Boko Haram all we know is that an order has been given to the armed services to wipe BH out by the end of December without any indication of how this fight would be fought. 

Does PMB have information about BH and a deal with its leadership as had been previously alleged? The world will know by December 31, two months from hence. On economic policy we have heard nothing and have not seen the man or woman who would be leading this effort.

But we have heard of Biafra. We now “know” Mr. Kanu. All because PMB arapu go ihe O ga eme mebe ihe ozooo (has left what he ought to be doing and doing something else)  As far as we know Kanu does not have a cork and fire Mark 4 rifle, a hand grenade, or an AK 47 or a single foot soldier or even a training ground. He just has “big grammar.” 

Boko Haram has soldiers, logistical support and is holding some territories. And PMB has not made any progress against them, some people fear that gains made under GEJ has been lost. Why not concentrate all available resources to this war front?

There is no victory for PMB in the fight with Kanu no matter how the imagined fight against Biafra ends. If Mr. Kanu is tried and found guilty of High Treason, with abundance of evidence; and locked up he would still be a hero, a Mandela, and his people would be waiting for him to come out of prison to lead them to the Promised Land. South Africans waited for 29 years. 

But if he is tried and found innocent, he would be emboldened and would be freer to pursue his crusade. We still remember Jomo Kenyatta and Nkrumah.

Is there a way out for PMB? Yes, and it is very simple. He should ask his Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to file a very weak charge against Kanu and provide a weak prosecution and allow the judge to dismiss the case. 

He would follow it up by denying any involvement in the persecution of Kanu and let him walk. Kanu would have received his 15-minutes of fame and hopefully would not be heard from at least a while. In the meantime Biafrans would not have another leader.
Will PMB listen?
We will have to wait and see.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts



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Britain toys with woes of another Biafra

Our Reporter
November 2015

Following the arrest of some Nigerians demonstrating for the resuscitation of sovereign state of Biafra, Britain is back at its pastime of trying to steal the show with its claim of what it called its civil war time record of preserving the sanctity of Nigeria's national borders. Certainly with its latest action, Britain is still exhibiting the mentality of the 1885 Berlin Conference of land grabbers in Africa. Unfortunately, Britain's civil war time record of purportedly preserving Nigeria's national border was discredited at that time and even now.

Obviously, only for its self-serving economic and political interests, Britain will ever muddle Nigeria's political problems to further relics of its political past. Otherwise, why did Britain not preserve the sanctity of the national borders of the federation of Malaysia and Singapore? On the contrary, Britain granted independence to the two countries as separate nations. Similarly, why did Britain not preserve the sanctity of the national border of the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland? Remarkably, Britain carved out three separate independent countries, namely northern Rhodesia (today's Zimbabwe)' southern Rhodesia (today's Zambia) and Nyasaland (now known as Malawi). Britain's record of experimenting with federal form of government in its colonial territories collapsed all over. West Indies federation broke into sovereign Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago. Even the federation of small islands, like St. Kitts-Anguilla broke into separate independent nations and are today, all members of Commonwealth and United Nations

In flaunting its so-called record of preserving Nigerian national border, Britain is engaging in diplomatic fraud. After Nigeria's civil war, what was Britain's record on preservation of national borders in Africa and other parts of the world? Was Britain not a major party to the enunciation of the United Nation's principle of self-determination for citizens all over the world? Did Britain not spearhead the break-up of Sudan into two independent nations of Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan through United Nation's principle of self-determination? Did Britain not support the break-up of erstwhile Ethiopia into the current two independent nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea through the United Nations principle of self-determination? What therefore, is peculiar in Nigeria to make its good or bad prospects a matter of life or death for Britain? Whether Nigeria will or should break up or not will and should be the mutual agreement of its various peoples but surely NOT in any way a choice for Britain. This intruder should, therefore, shut up and keep off.

By the way, Britain was delighted at the break-up of its powerful rival, Soviet Union into more than 20 separate independent republics, the most outstanding of which is today's Russia. Noticeably, Britain, the self-proclaimed armed guard of national borders of nations like Nigeria, was laughably helpless when Russia invaded Ukraine to enforce the secession of Crimea, which is now a Russian protectorate. Ukraine was formerly a part of the defunct Soviet Union.

There is a wrong message about Biafra. At the mere mention of that entity, the mind goes straight to the unsuccessful attempt of the defunct eastern region of Nigeria to secede. We do not seem to have learnt any lesson from the war, an arrogance, which, therefore, exhibits contempt and threat of government might to crush any protest, which even if genuine, is instantly perceived as an attempt to repeat the war exercise. Hopefully, we will not go that way again. And the lesson of the war is that government at the state and federal levels must look into community complaints and provide remedy instead of throwing its weight of federal/state might about.

Rather surreptitiously, Biafra is no longer identifiable with only secession of South East from Nigeria. Instead, Biafra has become a figure of expression of whatever grievances of groups or sections all over the country. During his tenure as elected president, Olusegun Obasanjo said he was serving Nigeria and not Yorubaland. Accordingly, for eight years, South West was not developed. None of Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Sagamu-Benin expressway, Lagos Abeokuta road or Ibadan-Ife road was touched. South westerners went Biafran and publicly expressed their determination to walk out of the Nigerian federation if their political demands at national conference organised by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan were not met. And only recently, some south westerners led by former military governor of Oyo State, General Adeyinka Adebayo, threatened to reconsider their continued stay in the Nigerian federation if kidnapping and menace of cattle rearers were not checked in South West. That was not a threat to the sanctity of Nigeria's national borders?

At a critical stage of the constitutional crisis on succeeding ailing the late President Umar Yar'Adua, Ijaw leader Edwin Clark went on record that "…..we will secede if our son (Goodluck Jonathan) is not sworn in as President."

The North under President Jonathan, lamented loss of political power and demanded return of the presidency to the North, failing which Tanko Yakasai went Biafran by threatening to make Nigeria ungovernable. Has Nigeria been governable since then? An acceptable form of secession threat? During the same Jonathan national political conference, a delegate/emir from Adamawa State threatened to break away with his kingdom to rejoin his ethnic group in Cameroon.

Neither is Nigeria the only country facing prospects of disintegration. Britain is not more secure. But the difference is that instead of threat or actual use of force, dialogue and remedy are provided for seeming group or community grievances. United Nations' principle of self-determination applies all over the world, contrary to the bogey of sanctity of national borders with which Britain is terrorising Nigerians. When Britain was threatened with disintegration, the response of the central authorities in London, even if in panic, was to grant substantial political autonomy to Wales and Scotland. Even then, Scotland insisted on complete independence from Britain and two years ago, only narrowly lost a referendum to that effect. Scotland unilaterally organised its referendum instead of waiting for Britain's grace. In any case, the leader of Scottish government, Nicola Sturgeon, only a few weeks ago, defied the British government with assurances that the struggle for Britain's disintegration leading to Scotland's independence was not yet over. Why did Britain not arrogantly proclaim the sanctity of its national borders or arrest the Scottish leader, Nicola Sturgeon?

However, there is this caution for both sides of the Biafra controversy. None of the agitators or demonstrators is up to 50 years and all don't have the faintest idea of the agonies of the war, which broke out 48 years ago. No Nigerian over 50 years would dream of another war. In a war, only eventual survivors are sure of their survival. Otherwise, as long as the war continues, nobody is sure of the other's survival. Even sometimes, enemies on one side will develop sympathy for the plight of enemies on the other side. That is at a most humane stage of a war. Otherwise, in a war, orphans will emerge if they are lucky. Otherwise, they would have perished with mums and dads. Widows and widowers are inevitable products of war and burdens on remnant families. War, you don't wish it for your enemy. Your elimination may even be necessary for the survival of your war front comrade. There is never any witness to that sad fact. War? Think it over. Major Roberts was an army officer in mufti, on a visit to Apapa wharf, a high security area early in the war. Argument ensued but was not quick enough to justify his presence in the area. Within seconds, he was shot dead. That was the standing instruction. The deceased officer did not die in action and was felled by who would pass for one of his boys. Casino cinema, Yaba was some 200 kilometres to the nearest war front in Benin, Edo State. Yet there was fatal bombing by agents of the enemy, leaving victims among the innocent cinema enthusiasts.

Restless potential prosecutors of another civil war must face the fact that unlike last time, there are observers, international observers to, from their home countries, enforce rules of civilised engagements. These days, you may not escape charges for crimes against humanity. And to perfect such criminal charges, satellite television will beam over all military operations. Also note that national borders of countries are no longer considered sacrosanct or inviolate to offer a basis for denying subjects their right to self-determination. Are countries not, therefore, not rendered vulnerable to balkanisation? Which country will, therefore, be safe from disintegration? The simple response is that even the so-called Balkans of old have self-balkanised. Yugoslavia, yesteryear beacon against disintegration, since broke up into various new independent nations of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia, among others. Evwn Czechoslovakia of old also broke into Czech and Slovak. Heavens did not fall as all the new countries enjoy mutual respect.

Instead of arrests and trials of Biafran protesters, Nigeria can learn from Britain by removing possible areas of grievances of the protesting Biafrans. a major cause of their grievances is unequal access to development. This is not to say that President Muhammadu Buhari, or only his administration is responsible for the causes of the agitation of the Biafrans. South easterners were most profound in supporting Obasanjo, even when South West rejected him. For eight years, nothing was done on the poor infrastructure, specifically roads in South East. Jonathan was in power for six years with the solid support of South East. The massive support for Jonathan from that area yielded no slight improvement in the state of their roads. And, of course, the promised second Niger Bridge is still being awaited. Former Vice President Alex Ekwueme was in power for four years and South East leaders quarrelled among themselves on which government – federal or state – was to construct or reconstruct particular roads because such roads were not federal roads. Looking back today, what would it have mattered if the Federal Government of that time constructed even local government roads in South East?

On the other hand, whether federal or state roads, Obasanjo did not touch a single road in South West throughout his tenure of eight years, for which he is much detested. South easterners are, therefore, partly responsible for lack of access to road development. They had opportunities to utilise their votes against those responsible for infrastructural decay in South East. Instead, for no purpose, they voted for their oppressors. Yet, that does not mean the infrastructural decay in South East should not be redressed. To leave the situation unredressed is to provide ammunition for intensifying the capability of the protesters. On the other hand, massive rehabilitation of roads in South East will enable Federal Government to easily outflank the Biafran protesters. We must face the fact that any part of Nigeria – South West, North West, North East or North – with state of infrastructural degradation as in South East will always breed Biafran agitators.

On his part, Senator Shehu Sani sounded unusually cheap when he falsely accused south easterners who did not support Buhari for the presidency as sponsors of the Biafran agitators. These Biafrans demonstrated against former President Obasanjo, the late President Yar'Adua and ex-President Jonathan during their respective tenure. Were the Biafran agitators also sponsored by those who were against the presidency of these former leaders?

Nigerian government must not swallow the bait of the British government on a nebulous sanctity of our national borders. The government should not be tempted to engage in forceful clampdown on the demonstrators, which will only generate political tension and turn the boys into heroes. Areas of grievances of the protesters should be looked into and redressed, especially the roads. Fortunately, the Senate Adhoc Committee on Works headed by Barnabas Gemade has just completed an inspection tour of roads throughout the South East. The report of the findings on the scale of erosion in South East, as shown on television, will shock President Buhari.
[The Sun]



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Match on for Biafra