NAF’s Failed Attempt to Deny Supplying Weapons to Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu

By ELUWA Chidiebere Chinazu
Biafra Writers
27th June 2019

The Biafra Times roving news crew gathered that the Nigerian Air Force was seen dropping weapons in Akwuke forest in Enugu state. As is expected, however, the Air Force has denied it.

Of course, no rational being would expect the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) to concede that it supplied weapons to a known terrorist organization. Nevertheless, NAF’s denial is akin to Jubril’s response in Poland, “it's the real me.” The reports from Middle Belt about the army aiding and escorting the murderous herdsmen lend credence to the claims of Enugu indigenes.

While making the denial, NAF, however, admitted sending soldiers to Akwuke forest in Enugu. In the statement of denial, the acting Command Public Relations and Information Officer of Headquarters NAF Ground Training Command (GTC), Enugu, Faith Aigbeoghain, said, “The attention of Headquarters GTC of Nigerian Air Force, Enugu, has been drawn to a social media and online story being circulated by some mischievous and misguided elements. The mischievous elements purported that NAF helicopters were being used to `drop weapons’ for Fulani herdsmen in the forest area of Akwuke Community in Enugu South Local Government Area in Enugu State. The report alleged that helicopters had been seen on several occasions flying at a low level and landing in the forest area to discharge their packages. The headquarters of GTC wishes to state that the report is deliberately misleading and obviously concocted by the writer to cause disaffection and incite negative divisive emotions among Nigerians.”

Making her denial seamless, Aigbeoghain said, “NAF has two helicopter training institutions under its purview operating in Enugu for several years. These are International Helicopter Flying School (IHFS) and 405 Helicopter Combat Training Group (405 HCTG), whose training curricula include low level flying around the forest areas near Akwuke which is one of their designated training areas.”

Ventilating the NAF press statement one can see lies upon lies contained therein. According to NAF, these two helicopters have been training in that particular forest for several years now. If so, how come the people are not used to the training helicopters landing in that particular forest? Before now no alarm has been raised in Enugu about the landing of a training helicopter; how come the sudden alarm?

Well, the people have not forgotten that the Nigerian military denied invading the residence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The people saw arms being dropped from the helicopters secretly in the forest for the marauding herdsmen. That this happened at a time the herders are threatening to overrun Biafra-land leaves nothing to be imagined. The pictorial evidence provided by Akwuke indigenes made it impossible for NAF to deny sending helicopters to that forest, and so they concocted the story of training in the forest.

It should be remembered that when the people of Middle Belt raised a similar alarm, it was dismissed as false alarm; yet, it turned out to claim thousands of lives. In the same manner, Biafrans are crying out today. They have been crying out for long, have been ignored and have been done a terrible hand by Islamic jihadists in the guise of Fulani herders. The world should come to our rescue, please.


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NAF’s Failed Attempt to Deny Supplying Weapons to Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu

Army Helicopter
Army Helicopter 1


This herdsmen, who are estimated about 500 to 2000 are seen in the various parts of the vast deserts with their herds. 

This herdsmen most of them who are dressed in military camouflage and are armed-to-the-teeth with rifles, they usually patrols with motorcycle and anyone who dares  question them, they shoot at the helpless victim and immediately fled the scene. 

Nigeria army must know that we're watching them closely with an "Eagle Eyes!" Keep Sharing! !



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