Regarding French Ambassador on One Nigeria:
If One Nigeria Should Be Preserved, Why Did France Revolt Against Rome?

Author: Ugochinyere Onyechere
Editor:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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Date: 15th March 2017

Before the French Revolution, the people of France became enraged at the lack of power they had in their country. What started as an underground meeting and plans turned into an organized revolution that gained enough traction to overthrow Louis XVI. The revolutionaries flew the tricolor flag that is now France’s national emblem, which stands for liberty, equity, and fraternity. I can’t even believe that there is a sign of equity and liberty in their national emblem. Is that really a phantom? Or rather somehow replicable to mere words. Or let me just say it’s applicable to their citizens alone. I have gone deep the internet to expose the hypocrisy of this country called France. Do you even know that France was once under bondage just like Biafrans of today? They believed and knew that they need freedom; that is why they were involved in the revolution that finally led to their freedom.

With all anticipation, am yet to know why they are against the freedom of others. The French revolution lasted for a whole ten years; from 1789-1799. It led to the end of the monarchy, and to many (wars). I hope they knew that wars are not recommendable before they partake in it. They really knew what freedom is all about that was why they engaged in several wars. Do you think we do not want to enjoy same fate? We have risked so many things to get Biafran nation; it means we know the joy in freedom. King Louis XVI was executed in 1793. The revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte took power in November 1799 before he later became Emperor in 1804. France was under the command of the evil Britain; religiously, socially and educationally. They rose up to fight the demons, just like we are doing today. I can’t still understand why they are against us.

If they must know, we never asked them to support us; simply because Biafran restoration is in the hands of our creator, he that created us as a race. If France could overthrow the monarchy from the Roman world, because of the marginalization they went through, why should we remain with a contraption that was wrongly concocted? Before 1789, France was ruled by the nobles and the evil Catholic Church. The ideas of the enlightenment were beginning to make the ordinary people of France want their own power. They could see that the American Revolution had created a country in which the people had power, instead of a king. They have just worldly anticipations that invoked their hunger for freedom. Biafrans have been in hell for more than hundred years; today we want a sovereign state, and that is all we shall get.

France fought for their freedom because they felt cheated when under Louis XV and Louis XVI, the high rate of bread and low wages given to workers caused the ordinary people hunger and malnutrition. They felt cheated when the Roman Catholic Church, which owned the most land in France, put a task on crops called dime (tithe) which hurt the poorest and hungriest people. They felt cheated because they disliked absolute rule by the royalty and the nobility, of which were forcefully imposed on them. They needed freedom of religion and association. They felt cheated, because of the first and second estate i.e., the clergy and the nobility enjoyed all the privileges and rights, but the third estate i.e., the peasants were exploited and had to pay tithes and tile(taxes paid to churches and the court).

Is Biafrans not experiencing worst than them? We are being ruled by illiterates, pedophiles that rape our girls at kindergarten ages, people of divergence religious beliefs, people that please their gods by killing me, people that think of nothing but to kill, steal, and to destroy. Biafrans had suffered more than what France did in their own time before they loosed themselves from slavery. If Gauer Denys must be sincere to himself, he should have carefully stated the possibility of merging people of diverse beliefs together without ethnic partiality and crisis. The same way the Rome manipulated their destiny, which made them go behind is the same Biafrans has been taken backward. Biafrans has all it takes to be a powerful nation, but we cannot achieve this under a country like Nigeria.

In the legal state, self-determination is not a crime. Denys Gauer has no clue of what self-determination means. If he really knew, he would have respected the law guiding it. We are being manipulated in all angles that could destabilize a people. Even though we were forcefully merged together, he claimed that his country is not in support of the Biafran nation. The France government will of course not support Biafrans because they milk the Cameroonians dry. Never forget that Bakassi Penesuila claimed to be owned by Cameroon after Yakubu Gowon purposely gave it out in a bid to frustrate Biafrans during the civil war rightly belongs to Biafrans. Cameroon is just the physical owners, as claimed but France has the highest access to it.

They know how much they will lose from the rich oil well if eventually Biafra is made free. This is their selfish interest, yet we do not care. If they could be diplomatic, they should flash back on the pictures of Nigerian state before now. They should compare the ill state of Nigeria today and that of Somalia. The difference is clear. In my own right thinking, France is developed and civilized today because they discovered their destiny. If a place like Paris should exist somewhere in Biafra in future; is it bad? Biafra Land should represent African nations in the world power forum will heaven fall? Biafrans have brighter future than in Nigeria. The concocted Nigerian state has nothing to offer because she has expired already. Keeping one Nigeria is the preserving of expired goods. Gauer Denys should say the truth if he is enjoying the dirtiness of Nigeria.

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi



Regarding French Ambassador to Nigeria Saying “Biafra has no future”

Denys Gauer, France Ambassador to Nigeria

By Igbo Focus
12th March 2017

According to the Guardian Newspaper, Denys Gauer, the French Ambassador to Nigeria, had told them that, France would not in anyway work with any group agitating for the dismemberment of the nation.

“We are working with Nigeria and we are supporting it as the only country. This is absolutely clear and I don’t think there is any kind of future for Biafra. They are part of Nigeria and Nigeria has to remain as the only country,” he reportedly said.

First of all, self-determination is not the dismemberment of the nation. It is seeking for independence. Scotland is seeking independence from Britain; it doesn’t mean that Scotland is planning dismemberment of Britain. When United Kingdom left European Union, it didn’t cause it to disintegrate. When South Sudan left Sudan it didn’t cause Sudan to disintegrate. California is seeking for independence; it would not cause United States of America to disintegrate. So one should know what one is talking about especially if the person is an ambassador.

For a start, has Nigeria got any future? For over 56 years Nigeria gained independence, what has the country got to show for it other than corruption? The main question is what has Nigeria got to show for its 56 years of independence. Or let the French Ambassador tell us how many of the countries France colonized in Africa have had any future he is talking about? What have these countries French colonized achieved in their life span? For so many years, many African countries gained independent from France, these countries are still struggling – no future for them because French government like its British counterpart kept them down. The same thing they are doing over and over, all the British and French governments are doing are setting these countries up with bad leaders – every bad leader would be their choice – keep him there as he is doing some damages to the country. And with our help every good leader must be kicked out.

Today all over the world, they know Nigeria as a corrupt country or her subjects as fraudsters. But funny enough, majority of these countries (especially Britain, France) want Nigeria to remain as it is – no change at all because it suits them fine that way. Perhaps they love it that Nigerians are fraudsters or Nigeria is corrupt. Perhaps they love deporting Nigerians who came to their countries to escape hardship in Nigeria. Even so, they love it when Nigerians are drowning in the ocean trying to cross over to Europe to escape hardship. They enjoy it more when they see Nigerians buried in the Sahara desert trying to walk to Europe.

As a consequence, according to French Ambassador, we should remain in Nigeria as it is, don’t make any attempt to correct nothing, he loves it that way.

They say one bad apple spoils the rest. Considering the population of Nigeria, the 2013 population figures put Nigeria as 173 million. So if 2% of Nigerians are fraudsters and 2% of British or French people are fraudsters, people will tend to hear that of Nigeria more because they are more in population even though in comparison 2% is the same as French or British fraudsters.

Let us put it in another way: Population of France is 65 million; Britain is 55 million; Ireland is 5 million; Belgium is 11 million; Netherlands (Holland) is 16 million; Luxembourg is 1 million; Switzerland is 8 million; Denmark is 6 million; Norway 5 million; etc.

If you add the total population of these countries listed above, they will give a total of 172 million. Therefore, Nigeria is bigger if you put all these countries France, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands (Holland), Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway together.

Now, a person telling you that France, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands (Holland), Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway should stick together – is that person doing you a good thing or a bad thing?

They know it that, it is impossible for all these countries: France, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands (Holland), Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway to remain as one – even French or British government cannot manage that magnitude of countries joining into one.

Put it this way, if you cannot manage a supermarket, why not manage a shop at least you will be able to manage the shop better than a supermarket. If you are running a supermarket and you don’t know what you are doing, people will be walking into the supermarket and taking whatever they like and walking off without you knowing it because supermarket is too large for you to notice what’s happening. Your money will be going down the drain every day because you’re losing money day in day out – no accountability. And the moment you tell those stealing from you that you would want to have a shop instead of the supermarket; they will be angry and will advise you not to do it.

The same case can be said regarding the British and French governments, they are advising Nigerian government to leave it as it is, leave it big because no accountability, they (British and French) can just walk in at any time and steal something they like and walk out again without anybody noticing it - after all Nigerians are fraudsters and the country is corrupt where anything goes. Don’t change nothing, leave it like that for us, we the French and the British love it like that.


Biafra has no future, says France

The Cable
12th March 2017

Less than one week after Tukur Buratai, chief of army staff, dealt a blow on agitators of Biafra, the bid to actualise a sovereign state has suffered yet another set back.

Buratai had told proponents of separation that they will not achieve their aim in his lifetime.

“I want to call on all the agitators for separation and other acts of destabilisation to forget it, not in this era, not in this millennium…  I think they have to wait till may be the next three or four millennia for them to do that. That is, may be the next generation of officers and men will allow them at all,” he had said at a programme in Abuja.

However, the French government, which threw its weight behind Biafra in the 1967 secession bid, has ruled out any support for the secession of any part of the country, particularly Biafra.

Denys Gauer, the country’s ambassador to Nigeria, told The Guardian, that France would not in anyway work with any group agitating for the dismemberment of the nation.

“We are working with Nigeria and we are supporting it as the only country. This is absolutely clear and I don’t think there is any kind of future for Biafra. They are part of Nigeria and Nigeria has to remain as the only country,” he reportedly said.

Speaking against the backdrop of France’s previous support for Biafra during the civil war, Gauer said Nigeria has evolved since the civil war.

Gauer said France is working with Nigeria in its fight against insurgency, and that the fight against Boko Haram has brought the two countries together, more than before.

Reacting to the envoy’s comment, Uchenna Madu, Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), said the struggle for Biafra “is real and cannot be stopped by any man created by God”.

“We in MASSOB do not believe what he said because that does not represent the position of France. France is a friend of Biafra and even during the Nigeria/Biafra war, they assisted us so much,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

“In this current agitation for Biafra, France has sympathy for us. We advise our people to disregard what he said.”

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France Receives ‘Heart-Breaking’ Message After French Envoy Rejected Biafra Independence

By Osita K. U.
14th March 2017

Tell France that they did not support the sovereignty of Israel during her war for Independence.

Tell France that we know that United Nations arm embargo on Israel did not thwart her military campaign in the Middle East

Tell France that we know that if weren’t for the United States of America, Nazi Germany would have completely obliterated her from the face of the earth.

Tell France that we are aware that most world powers in exception of the USA did not support the people of Israel during her war for Guillen heights and East Jerusalem.

Tell France that we will win this war and their support for Biafra will be their lifeline in Africa.

Tell France that we know that they are obligate parasites and that there is no future for them in Africa should Biafra be free.

France should understand that we never expected there support neither do we anticipate it in the near future.

Make France to understand that before we decided to embark on this journey, we made up our minds to either get Biafra or take the whole world down with us.

The world should understand that never shall this generation stop at anything short of total independence for Biafra and the sovereign reign of her government

Osita writes from Aba

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French Ambassador Denys Gauer Is Dreaming, Biafra Has A BIG Future - IPOB

By IPOB Writers
15th March 2017

It should not be a shock or surprise to any Biafran about the speech made by the French Ambassador to Nigeria concerning BIAFRA struggle and restoration.  It should be of great importance that Biafrans should without any doubt, and reservation understands who is killing them, who has their interest at heart as well as standing on their behalf on matters relating to international human rights as it applies to rogue countries like Nigeria.

DENYS GAUER' without shame or reservation you boldly informed Biafrans that they have no future, yes he is partially correct.  Biafrans have no future in the zoo called Nigeria, but we have future outside Nigeria.  This statement you made is indicative of the Imperialist and philosophical principles the so-called Western world have towards Africans in general.


  1. What right do you have to enforce slavery and genocide against African countries by encouraging their killing of one another?  The issue of BIAFRA did not start today, and in case you are not up to date with a number of crimes committed by a government on a particular race of BIAFRANS OF (EASTERN NIGERIA), from 1914 up to March 2017.  Please go back and do your research.
  2. As an Ambassador you should know the history of the country you are assigned.  If as a human being  with conscience and you watched and learned about the 1967-70 genocidal war by your host country where over 3million innocent women and children where starved to death, not including the ones shot and indiscriminately bombed at open markets, schools and makeshift hospitals, you should be extremely guarded  and be able to to have a way out in event your declaration was a mistake.
  3. Your support for Nigeria to fight Boko Haram is within the absolute right of the French Government.  If you like sell them your Mirage planes,  missiles, and pan hards, we the Biafrans have no say.  You blindly and foolishly support the Nigerian military that in turn feed the Boko Haram you think you are fighting the Nigerian military, in turn, gives those arms back to Boko Haram.  This is not the first nor will it be the last of your failed foreign policies.  You were paying the price when you went to the Iraqi war, and today you are back at it again.  The same thing will happen to you in Nigeria, and it will be very very costly to your country.
  4. What is the correlation between Boko Haram insurgency in the Muslim North and their destined policy with the Federal Government of Nigeria to wipe off all Biafrans and take over their land as it relates to we Biafrans who are trying to avoid being exterminated by the Government you are supporting.
  5. You have continued to keep mute with regard to NIGERIA'S violation of all sorts of United Nations rules, even the Amnesty International report.  You are supporting any British blunder even when you could have carried out respectable principles. Your covert support for a genocidist Mohammad Buhari who committed more crimes than Saddam Hussain, Idi Amin or even Milosovich of the Yugoslavia raises more questions than answers as to the genuineness of the United Nations, it's composition as well as equitable and impartial application and enforcement of it's rules.
  6. Your pronounced support for a genocidal and criminal gives credence to NIGERIA'S  military denial of it's genocidal acts against Biafrans even with undeniable and irrefutable videos.  Your support bolsters Nigeria's courage to abuse your own agency The Amnesty International because Britain and France are completely behind their atrocities.  Your revelation is a blessing in disguise.  Now we know why Nigeria is doing what it is doing and the powers behind it.
  7. For all intents and purposes, France is a conspirator with Britain to effect as quickly as possible the extermination of Biafrans because France once highly regarded when it comes to foreign policy and fundamental human rights of people during the era of President Charles Degaul have degenerated  into an era of vision!ess diplomats whose ultimate goal is to plunder the resources of poorer countries for their personal benefits and not even for the French.

If your miscarriage of principles is a pay back to Nigeria for giving you part of BIAFRA as part of war loot and booty, you would have avoided taking a wrong and shortsighted course.  The Biafrans have always respected and maintained good relationship with France and not withstanding your decision, we have to inform you that THE FREEDOM OF BIAFRA IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BIAFRANS AND WE WILL GET THERE WITHOUT YOU.  WE DID NOT COUNT ON YOU WHEN WE STARTED AND WILL NOT COUNT ON YOU WHEN YOU DECLARE US YOUR ENEMY.

If tiny European countries can determine their future that they can not find with Britain solely on economic principles, why not tell Scotland that you will not support them?  If the same Britain you are helping can vote itself out of European economic bondage what and why did you not stop them?  It is not that it even involved security issues.

DENYS GAUER', Biafra's cause is worst, it involves differences in religion, ethnicity, custom and language.  These major issues have not been able to be reconciled up till today.  The mistrust and killings by Northern Hausa Nigeria Government you are supporting against Biafrans meanwhile continues.  Tell the world why Nigeria should be a country without safety.

DENYS GAUER' when you are aware that three countries can not be one why are you forcing them just to do that when they have nothing in common?  YOU  HAVE NO VALUE FOR AFRICANS THEREFORE SPLIT THEM SELL THEM ARMS TO KILL THEMSELVES BY USING THE STOOGES THAT ARE REPRESENTING YOUR INTEREST.

Edited & Published By IPOB Writers
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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?

This is President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari4

During his military regime, General Buhari looted so much until he was forced out.

During Abacha Regime, Buhari was the chairman of Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF). At the PTF time, billions were mismanaged and looted, to dated nobody questioned him about it because this is One Nigeria.

Buhari looted Nigeria dry with Abacha even though he claimed Abacha stole no money – meaning he, himself also stole no money.

Former president, Dr Goodluck Johnathan left $3billion in the treasury and evidence showed that he left the money yet President Buhari is telling us that there no money in the treasury and Nigeria is broke. One would take it to mean that Buhari has looted the treasury and other places he could lay his hands on.

Buhari loves it under One Nigeria because nobody questions what he does.

Buhari has brought out a whooping N20 billion to bribe some Biafrans to speak against Biafra. And yet he claimed that Nigeria is broke. General Buhari had earmarked a slush fund to the tune of 20 billion naira to launch media attack on Biafran protesters and the Indigenous People of People of Biafra (IPOB). The money is to be used to bribe corrupt Igbo 'elders; and traditional rulers, priests, pastors, and Biafran saboteurs who bandy themselves as Biafran War veterans. Media Houses in Nigeria will also be bought over to launch a coordinated media attacks on Biafrans.
This man is more too corrupt to be president.



This is Yakubu Gowon

Yakubu Gowon (2)

General Yakubu Gowon is the originator of One Nigeria’s corruption and looting.

During his military regime, General Yakubu Gowon led the civil war to keep us under One Nigeria. Even before the civil war could end he has already sold out the oil wells they could found that time of which he receives royalties to date. He looted Nigeria so much until he was forced out. Even when he was forced out, he is still being paid royalties for oil wells. A person like Yakubu Gowon would not like to see an end to One Nigeria because he will no longer get his royalties.

Yakubu Gowon is so selfish that today in his home state almost a million people have been slaughtered to date in fighting each other, he doesn’t show any concern and doesn’t want to talk about it but when you mention the winding up of One Nigeria he remembers his royalties and come out to start talking rubbish.


This is Olusegun Obasanjo


Olusegun Obasanjo is the biggest rogue Nigeria ever known. If it wasn’t for One Nigeria, if it was in other country with the same record as Obasanjo, he would have been hanged or faced a firing squad.  With all the atrocities hanging over his head, nothing could be done to him because it is One Nigeria, and Obasanjo now behaves as an untouchable.

Obasanjo ruled Nigeria as a military ruler and as a civilian ruler and in all his governments both military and civilian rules nothing came out of them. He wanted to go for the 3rd term (more or less to become a dictator) but he wasn’t allowed to and that’s when political killing started in Nigeria. When he noticed that you’re opposing his 3rd term you’re a goner. Those opposed his 3rd term were mysteriously killed - that included party chairman, military chief, judge, etc. Some people even said that his wife was about to let the cat out of the bag and that’s when she died.

Obasanjo’s corruption is beyond comprehension.  Talking about Abacha’s loots, Obasanjo’s loots are worse than that of Abacha. For the reason that he is one of the biggest criminals ever known in Nigeria, it is difficult to catch him on the act.

For the reason that he stole so much oil blocks, he knows that when there is no more One Nigeria, he will be forfeiting them and that includes other dubious businesses he controls, they all would come to an end once Biafra is place. Thus, to ensure that Biafra will not surpass, he deploys all kind of weapon against those behind agitation for Biafra.

According to CNN figures Obasanjo stole $25 billion from their so called One Nigeria and you tell me with this kind of money instead of him to give way, no, he is so greedy he wants more and  would do anything to  frustrate the effort or destroy the Biafra determination.



This is Ibrahim Babangida


General Ibrahim Babangida ruled Nigeria under a military rule as a military head of state. He has made his money by looting Nigeria dry. He owns oil block licences under One Nigeria, and if there is no more One Nigeria he will forfeit them. So the kind of person would not like Biafra to succeed because he has vested interest under One Nigeria. He is one those who doesn’t want Biafra because he is making money under One Nigeria.

According to CNN figures Babangida stole $15 billion from their so called One Nigeria and he would want One Nigeria to continue existing because he can make more money.


More to come



British Made "Nigeria" that is Riddled with Corruption Has Expired and Ripe for Break-up

Nigeria Logo vs Biafra Logo

11th March 2017

What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?

Should we continue to live a lie and in self denial when all onlookers know that we are merely living the life of the ostrich? This country is no longer together.

In fact and in truth it has never been together. If it was ever together it was before 1914, before a self seeking, insidious and wickedly partial drunken soldier called Fredrick Lugard forcibly yoked together nation states of the Southern Protectorate and those of the North in the name of trade and amalgamation.

The story of the fraud called Amalgamation is now too well known to require re-telling.

The fraud of forged population census figures, the fraud of creating a tripod whose head was three times the size of its two legs, the fraud of constituency allocation, the fraud of Land Use, the fraud of indirect rule for a section, and the fraud of Divide and Rule were the fraudulent foundation of the Amalgamation from which the so-called country had never found a breathing space!

There are five fundamental reasons why Nigeria’s breakup is imminent. For a start, the over 250 nationalities that were forcibly brought together under one umbrella were never consulted before they were coerced into a marriage.

There was no negotiation, there were no agreed premises, and there was no courtship of any kind before fist cuffs were put on the wrist of the beautiful bride and handed over to the overbearing bridegroom. The marriage has been bumpy in the last 103 years.

The enterprising bride was chained and bedraggled and every effort to free herself was thwarted by the backward looking husband. The marriage is now ripe for dissolution and MUST be dissolved.

As far back as 1947 Alhaji Shehu Shagari opined that there was no future for the so-called union and canvassed that the North should be free to develop at its own pace while the South should be allowed to go. In 1953 and thereabout when the Western Region and Eastern Region called for Self Government that would usher in political independence, the North said NO! And when independence was sought from Britain in 1957, the North said it was not ready for independence.

Because of the cosy relationship that existed between the Colonialists and the hugely favoured northern colony, the North did not mind if Britain remained in power indefinitely.

When the North eventually reluctantly agreed to allow independence, it had been employing all shenanigans and crooked means both political and military to thwart the advancement of the South.

All sorts of stratagems including the so-called JAMB, Quota System, Federal Character, Creation of unwieldy states for the purpose of weakening the federating units, creation of fraudulent local governments, and over centralisation of the polity were/are some of the mischievous ploys by the Fulani Cabal controlled civilian and military governments.

To ensure enforcement of its feudalist approach to governance the British predesigned and programmed the North to have perpetual dominance and control of the Military and all agencies of Intelligence, Coercion and Border control.

Of course you can only fool some people for a limited time. The federating units in all parts of the country minus the Oligarchy have become severely fed up with over centralised Unitary government that has stifled their progress and has made them slaves in their own land.

Agitation for Self Determination has become rife in the land, and all the major nationalities now want to live in their own country and be in charge of their own destiny. And it appears no force on earth can stop the actualisation of their desired goals.

Add to the foregoing is the historical fact that all forced empires of the past have crumbled and disappeared.

India had to let go Pakistan and Bangladesh. Bros Tito’s Yugoslavia had disappeared in a fierce internal eruption. United Socialist Soviets Republics, [USSR] collapsed. Czechoslovakia disappeared.

The Sudan had to break into two after a fierce 47-year old war. The trend may see the beginning of the US losing two or three states while the United Kingdom may lose Scotland and Wales.

Right now Nigeria has a choice: either to breakup without shedding a pint of blood the way the Czechs and Slovaks resolved their irreconcilable differences or go into bloody and destructive war that would make the Biafran experience a child’s play.

As pungently argued by the respectable War veteran and hero of the Nigeria Biafra War, Lt General Alani Akinrinade, God did not desire that humans should live in large communities. Throughout history it was city states that engineered human development.

The glorious era of ancient history was the period when Rome, Athens, Sparta, Thermopylae and other city states dominated the then world’s commerce, military and politics. Big for bigness sake has no relevance in human development. The successful countries of the world today are the small countries of Northern Europe and the countries that practice either loose federation or outright confederation.

Fortunately almost all the federating units of Nigeria can survive on their own. All the nationalities that have been dubiously pulled down or dragged down in the myopic mindset that one needed to pull down others for their own advancement would now bloom once they proclaim their independence.

Unfortunately for those who may be foolishly contemplating that they would use force to stop the breakup, there is no longer the kind of Military that fought the Biafrans and stopped the secession.

The suspicion, the schism, the cynicism, the absence of patriotism, the crazy corruption that have come to define the Nigerian character in the last twenty years or so have eaten deep into the fibre of every Nigerian whether Customs Officer, or Police, or Military.

I dare say that what is on ground now are Fulani police or soldier, Igbo police or soldier, Yoruba police or soldier, Hausa police or soldier, Tiv police or soldier and Izon police or soldier.

It is the prayer of this writer that the current leaders of today will have the wisdom to choose a peaceful breakup.

No force on earth can stop a movement whose time has come. Kalu the leader of IPOB should be released without further delay.



The tragedy of #OneNigeria

Tragedy of One Nigeria

By Charles Ogbu.

I have said it before and it bears repeating now, the ArewaNorth and the rest of Nigeria has absolutely nothing in common. Not language. Not culture. Not religion. And certainly not the same Value system. Not only do they not have the same value system, they both have two conflicting value system that are world apart and in constant bloody clash with each other -Clash Of Irreconcilable Civilizations. The British knew this but because their only concern was economic and administrative convenience, they still went ahead to happen the pernicious enterprise known as the 1914 almagamation. This is as criminally outrageous as a farmer putting herbivorous animals in the same cage where he has the Carnivorous animals.

We must join hands to find a solution to this problem through a genuine restructuring where each region will exist on its own with its own political, economic and security autonomy or we join hands to split this murderous forced marriage.

This thing that calls itself a Nation is one hell of a lie.

As it stands now, CONDUCTING A GENERAL ELECTION UNDER THIS CURRENT STRUCTURE WILL SIMPLY AMOUNT TO GIVING BUHARI THE LEGITIMATE COVER TO COMPLETE HIS DEMONIC ETHNO-RELIGIOUS SUPREMACIST AGENDA. And no, I'm not advocating a straight boycott of election. I'm advocating using every possible means to get our respective leadership collectives to insist on "No Restructure, No 2019 Election". If we go into the 2019 election without insisting on Restructuring first, we will pay a price too steep for that. Our generation unborn will live to rue that decision.

We can't continue this way.

Nigeria is the only country where the President and Commander-In-Chief is the Grand Patron of the parent body (Miyetti Allah) of a group rated as the world 4th deadliest terrorist group.

Nigeria is the only country in the world where the National Armed Forces use the same weapon bought with tax payers money to collude with, facilitate the movement of and provide cover for a terrorist group killing the same innocent citizens this Armed Forces exist solely to protect. (Pakistani very powerful Intelligence Agency collude with the Taliban against other countries like Afghanistan and India, not against Pakistani citizens)

Nigeria is a country where the people from whose land the entire country is being fed and sustained wallow in abject poverty while some parasites who produce nothing but terrorism and religious killing live like kings.

Nigeria, a country where the backward North has no intention of catching up with the South but must drag everyone down to ground Zero.

Nigeria, a country held together by nothing but oil.

Nigeria, a country where the North is free to practice a state within a state via the implementation of the Sharia which has its own executive, judiciary and even legislature plus a complete Police Force known as Hisbah to break alcohol bottles even when they receive lion share from VAT sourced from the same beer. Yet, Southern states cannot operate a duly constituted vigilantes to protect their people from marauding herdsmen, the same marauding herdsmen being sponsored, protected and defended by a govt headed by a herdsmAn.

Nigeria, a country where the govt which is openly colluding with terrorists to kill and maim her own citizen is stopping the same citizens from defending themselves.

Nigeria, a country where well lettered Adults still wait for a certain TY Danjuma to tell them that Right To Life and Self Defense is their FUNDAMENTAL human right recognized by all laws known to man and not a gift from their rogue govt which can be withdrawn and given out at will.

Buhari came to power solely to do what he is currently doing with Boko Haram and the Fulani terrorist herdsmen. There is no limit to how far the ArewaNorth is willing to go to achieve their devilish aim of conquering, dominating and owning every one of us. Both the APC wing of Dapchi Girl-releasing Boko Haram and the Fulani militia are all tools created by the same ArewaNorth to achieve this dark aim. Your govt is not fighting any Boko Haram. It is empowering them. The symbiotic relationship we all saw between the Buhari govt and their Boko Haram boys should convince every doubting Thomas.

My job is to write. I have written!



Nigeria, the Giant Of Corruption

One Nigeria is a Crime

By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers.
8th February 2017

We must understand and live with the undeniable fact that Nigeria is built on a treacherous fraudulent foundation which is likely to collapse in no distant time. It's an incontrovertible fact that Nigeria is the giant of corruption and not the giant of Africa.

I am not trying to frighten or astonish you on the subject of the matter on the notepad, but to notify you on the nicety of what Nigeria and its people represent in Africa and the world at large.

Come to think of it, do you know when a rotten egg is in a place smelling, a normal person finds it very difficult and uncomfortable to domicile in such an environment. The fact is that, Nigeria is worse than a monster; a rotten egg is sweet and of a good perfume when compared to the corruption odour of the contraption called Nigeria.

Yes, Nigeria is an empire of lies and deceits; in fact, it's difficult to find evil incorrectly used when referring to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, its quite unbelievable and astonishing that ECOWAS and African Union (AU) kept quiet over the atrocities Nigeria is unleashing upon Biafrans. Have you ever come to the checkpoint of your imagination about Nigeria and its function and to ask yourself these question;

1. What is Nigeria?

2. Who created Nigeria?

3. What's Nigeria standing for?

4. Why is Nigeria created? and

5. Who is a Nigerian?

Well, I will not go straight to answering the above questions but consider this,

It's high time the uninformed Africans and the whole world understood what Nigeria stands for. The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu, had tried in his best efforts to bring it to notice of the world the evil that Nigeria represents. And this prompts another question; when will the world understand what IPOB worldwide is saying about the so called Nigeria?


Nigeria is all about anything evil you can think of.

In fact it's an understatement to say that Nigeria is an embodiment of heinousness and a custodian of lies and deciets.

Can you imagine a country where the president is a mad man, an ignoramus, a hardcore jihadist, bigot and a pedophile.  The president of Nigeria, Retired major General Muhammadu Buhari is a blood sucking demon. You can see him and his agents (the Nigerian security personnels) displaying their military might against unarmed innocent Biafrans on 20th of January 2017 during IPOB rally in support of US president, Donald Trump.

Nigerian Army, Police and SARS on Friday 20th of January 2017, opened fire on an unarmed peaceful Biafrans pledging their inalienable support for the president of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, in a rally killing over 20, injured over 100 and abducted over 200 innocent Biafrans.

Meanwhile, scores of Nigerians were sponsored by Muhammadu Buhari  to stage a protest against Donald Trump on that same day in Lagos Nigeria.

The Buhari paid protesters were not arrested, killed or harmed in any form, while Biafrans were massacred in their cold blood. It's worthy to note that the recruited men and women who protested against the American president, Donald Trump, engaged in some notorious act of violence by destroying properties and tampering with the peace of the people by blocking roads and throwing stones on passersby. The security agents did nothing to Buhari's protesters but only guided them until they got to the American embassy in Nigeria and later went to their various destinations unharmed.


The monstrosity, contraption, a zoo and a damnation called Nigeria, was concocted by a British government with the help of Fredrick Lord Lugard alongside his girlfriend, Flora Shaw.

Inarguably, Nigeria is created for the economic sustainance of the great Britain and this is the main reason why the United Kingdom will always stand for a united Nigeria. The role played by the great Britain under the government of Harold Wilson, in the genocide of Biafrans which claimed about 6 million lives of innocent people mainly women and children through starvation is as a result of Britain not ready to go bankruptcy.

Of course it's not surprising that the United Kingdom is still drumming for a one united contraption called Nigeria today.


The name Nigeria stands for an unquenchable hatred, mockery, disdain, shame and  disgrace.

Nigeria is a huge shame to Africa and a crime against humanity. We must understand that Nigeria is an embodiment of demonic orchestrations and this is the reason why Nigeria has been a poisonous hook in the intestine of her inhabitants. Countries where those who are meant to protect you are the ones hunting to suck your blood and eat your flesh. Nigeria is nothing but a hell bent on the extermination of its inhabitants and a home for evil doers.

More so, Nigeria is 50+ years yet there's nothing to write home about.  Nigeria as a country can't boast of an ordinary drinking water, steady electricity or a motorable roads of a world class type. Nigeria stands for mess, a disgrace to Africa and a huge shame to mankind. Of course Nigeria epitomizes every quality of hell fire.


Nigeria is simply created to enslave Africa. The creation of Nigeria has been the core reason why Africa is in darkness and shambles today. The great Britain came to Africa and discovered that, there are set of people, heavily blessed with everything good that life needed to be awesome.

The Europeans, came and saw our unique way of living and doing things, they discovered that we (Biafrans) are the true children of light and the true (practical) manifestation of the supreme creator and Almighty God, envy and jealousy grew heavily in their mind and they resolved in a way in they will subjugate and keep us in perpetual slavery. They knew that by our names we are already praising God, by the names of our villages we adore God, that our land is fertile and blessed with almost all the mineral resources, we have a peculiar intelligent quotient,   their hatred continued to grow stronger every day.

They immediately started extorting and exploiting our land, they persuaded us into dropping the true God we served and forcibly made us worship their man-made gods. That was how the Europeans penetrated, killed and threw us into that contraption called Nigeria with the help of British slave, Fredrick Lord Lugard. Now they converted our land and resources into their Business Empire.

Biafra who has the key to the greatness of Africa we locked down in business empire (Nigeria) of the Great Britain and hence the reason it’s created. Britain will never support a free Biafra, because Africa will gain her freedom from the darkness covering her.


It's very important to note that there's no Nigerian. The so called Nigeria is comprises of a three different Nations namely; Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa. It's also worthy to note that the aforementioned nations have different value systems, languages, beliefs and more importantly religious backgrounds.

 Of a truth the nations in Nigeria has an unquenchable hatred for each other, there's no real unity or trust among them; this remains the core reason why the so called Nigeria can never ever be one, even till thy Kingdom come.  Those parading themselves as Nigerians are set of corrupt and criminally minded set of people, hiding under and using the name Nigeria to loot dry the resources that belongs to the poor masses.

The most corrupt set of individuals comes from Nigeria, the politicians, the youths and everyone coming from that entity are all corrupt. In fact everything in Nigeria ranging from bottom to the top in is corrupt. The lack of unemployment, hunger, starvation, death and other hunger induced crimes is as result of the corruption culture of Nigeria. The most fraudulent individuals in the world are Nigerians, for example, the yahoo boys, the 419ers, the money doublers who mostly comes from Yoruba part of the country are all Nigeria inventions. Even the current president of Nigeria, retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari the confirmed terrorist and most corrupt president Nigeria has ever had in history, campaigning for anti-corruption crusade is nothing but a true definition of who Nigerians are. In fact there's no adjective suitable to describe the level of corruption ongoing in Nigeria.

As a hell fire, Nigeria has done more harm than good to whatever it comes in contact with; Africa is in a mess today because of Nigeria and must be destroyed to avoid more destruction to the image of Africa.

Finally, Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and so are it's inhabitants.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.
The Biafra Herald



Is Nigeria Really One Nation? - Femi Fani-Kayode

Nigeria One

Is Nigeria Really One Nation? - Femi Fani-Kayode

13th December 2016

The former minister shared the article on his social media page, read after the cut...

I love this country with every fiber of my being.

For three generations before me my forefathers, including my great grandfather, my grandfather and my father, have made solid and notable contributions to the developmemt of this country in both the private and public sectors.

My great grandfather, Rev. Emmanuel Adebiyi Kayode, studied theology at the great Furrogh Bay College in Sierra Leonne and Durham University in the United Kingdom, was ordained as an Anglican priest, was the first Nigerian to take Christianity to our hometown Ile-Ife and was the first to build and pastor the first Anglican Church in that ancient town.

My grandfather, Chief Victor Adedapo Kayode, studied law at Cambridge University, was deeply involved in the fight against the excesses of our British colonial masters and for indegenous rights in the old Lagos Colony and was the third Nigerian to be appointed to the Judiciary after a brilliant career as a criminal lawyer.

My father, Chief Remi Fani-Kayode Q.C. SAN, CON also studied law at Cambridge University, also excelled as a lawyer and he set up the first indegenous Nigerian law firm in Nigeria with Chief Rotimi Williams Q.C. SAN, CON and Chief Bode Thomas.

He went into politics, was deeply involved in the struggle for our independence from colonial rule and he succesfully moved the motion for Nigeria's independence in Parliament and went on to become a Minister and Deputy Premier of the old Western region of Nigeria.

I have fought military rule, been involved in the struggle for democracy and I have participated heavily in partisan politics, political commentry and political discourse in our country for the last 26 years.

I have had the rare honor and distinct privilage of serving her at the highest level of governance first as a presidential spokesman and then as a Federal Minister in two separate Ministries as far back as 10 years ago.

I have suffered persecution, self-imposed exile, illegal and unlawful incarceration and the most vicious forms of insults and misrepresentation for Nigeria over the years and I have also invested my time, resources and energy heavily into the political terrain and development in our country.

Yet despite all these wonderful opportunities, the monuemental sacrifices that my forefathers and I have made and our love for and commitment to Nigeria it is time to ask some hard questions. Those questions are as follows.

Is Nigeria really one nation or is she many nations forced to remain within an artificial, unworkable and unsustainable entity?

Are our people really "bound in freedom, peace and unity" as our national anthem proudly asserts or is that just a deceitful mirage and never-ending illusion?

Is our marriage and amalglamation borne out of consensus and a genuine desire to remain together or borne out of compulsion?

Is it right and proper that the southern part of the country which is the most accomodating and liberal, the most advanced and educated, the most productive and enterprising, the most blessed in terms of human and mineral resouces and the area that Lord Frederick Lugard, our nations creator, progenitor and founding father, aptly described as "the riich wife" in 1914 should continue to be dominated and controlled by the core northern part of the country which is blighted and plagued by war and conflict, religious and ethnic intolerance, radical jihadist terrorism, violent and murderous herdsmen and never-ending sectarian conflicts?

This is a core north which is totally dependent on southern oil, goodwill and resources for its very existence and continued survival and which the same Lord Lugard once described as "the poor husband".

Was it fair of Lugard to marry the "rich wife" and the "poor husband" to one another in 1914 without first asking their consent and at least finding out whether they were in any way compatible?

Can a nation prosper, excel or achieve its full potentials when its people are perpetually squabbling and struggling over the distribution of its meagre resources and when they have two distinct and irreconcilable world views?

Can it thrive when one group wishes to live and compete in the new, enlightened and modern world whilst the other wishes to go back to the dark ages?

It appears that more people are asking these questions today than ever before. Is it not time for us to answer them?

Must we wait for an ethnic or religious conflagration to occur or another civil war to take place before we accept the fact that there is something very wrong somewhere and that we may well be a nation of ethnic incompatibles?

Why is it a crime for anyone to take as much pride in their ethnic nationality and cultural heritage as they do in being Nigerian? Why is it wrong for anyone to say that 'I am as proud of being an Igbo or a Yoruba or an Ijaw or a Fulani or any other ethnic nationality as I am of being a Nigerian?'

What is the essence, credibility, sustainability and legitimacy of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious plural super-state in which the various ethnic nationalities are expected to subsume their identities, de-emphasise their importance and sacrifice their noble bloodlines, their ancient history and their great heritage on the alter of a hybrid and artificial man-made entity called Nigeria?

Is it really wrong for any of the numerous ethnic nationalities that make up our country to ask for their freedom and demand to be allowed to develop separately and at their own pace where and when they feel as if they have been turned into slaves and second class citizens by others in Nigeria?

Is Nigeria a nation or is she a mere geographical expression? Is it true to say that there is as much of a difference between a Fulani and an Igbo as there is between a Turk and a German?

Is it true to say that the Middle Belt is a distinct and independent entity from the core north and that the people of that zone have every right to aspire to greatness and determine their own fate and future rather than to continue to be tied down, held back, perceived and treated as the serfs and appendages of a wider north?

Is it unreasonable of us to ask for our very own Brexit?

Some of these fundamental questions were first raised by a man that was to later become the Leader of the Yoruba and the first Premier of the old Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo SAN, in 1947 in his book titled 'Paths To Nigerian Freedom' but sadly few listened at the time.

Consequently twenty years later Awolowo's greatest fears and concerns were confirmed and our three year civil war in which over three million people perished, including women and children, took place.

It was the only war in world history in which the premeditated starvation of young children and babies, in what was essentially mass murder and genocide, was described as a "legitimate weapon of war" by those who perpetrated such horrendous crimes against humanity.

Since the end of the civil war neither Nigeria nor any of its ageing leaders, many of whom were military veterans and commanders of that civil war, has expressed any regrets, shown any remorse or brought anyone to justice for what was undoubtedly the greatest mass murder of infants and total and complete butchery of the innocents in African history.

Yet nothing seems to have changed except for the fact that the ethnic identity and religious persuasion of the victims has become far more varied and numerous.

In today's Nigeria, unlike in 1966 and during the civil war, it is not just the proud Igbos and the stubborn Biafrans that are being slaughtered like flies on a regular basis but also the northern Christians, the Shiite Muslims, the good people of the Middle Belt and the Niger Delta and the ever-accomodating and ever-compromising Yoruba.

Consequently the same questions are being asked today about the continued feasiblity of our national unity and cohesion but this time with far more urgency and anger and by far many more people than ever before.

Yet those that believe that they own Nigeria still refuse to listen and view those that ask such questions with suspicion, derision, contempt and even rage. They label them as being unpatriotic and ignorant and they threaten them and attempt to intimidate and bully them into silence simply because they do not share their views.

In Nigeria it is indeed a dangerous thing to be a freedom-yearning and independence-craving dissident or non-conformist and, like in the old Soviet Union before its eventual crumbling and break-up, you could end up paying for such views with your liberty or your life.

Yet one wonders how much longer this can go on before the oppressed and the voiceless get fed up with merely asking questions and instead choose to actually insist on their rights, take their destiny into their own hands, rise up to the occassion and fight for their liberty?

The quest for self-determination, freedom and liberation is a noble and legitimate cause which has never been successfully resisted or defeated anywhere in the history of the world.

Every well-educated and widely-read individual can attest to the veracity of that undeniable and incontrivertable fact.

The truth is that you cannot compel people to remain together in one nation by the force of arms forever.

It may work for some time but it cannot last in perpetuity because sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost.

The best you can do is to reach out to the disillusioned in love and give them a reason to want to stay. Yet few in our nation can appreciate the wisdom in adooting such a course or treading such a path. The only language that is clearly understood here is the logic and language of compulsion and force.

Consequently Nigeria is unravelling at the very seams and I can feel it. I can literally smell blood on the mountain and I perceive and sense the secret massing of the bloodthirsty demons of Magog, the god of war.

The quest for the division of our nation is stronger today than ever before and as each day passes it gets stronger and stronger. It is far more compelling and stronger today than it was before our civil war broke out in 1967 simply because far many more people are very angry and are utterly fed up with our forced union.

Millions from all over the country are quietly murmuring but soon that mumur will become a massive roar and an irresistable and irrepressable demand and tidal wave.

And when it gets to that point no matter how many people you lock up and kill it will not stop and neither will they be intimidated, silenced or deterred.

In fact the more people you murder, subject to bloody pogroms, persecute, marginalise, jail and destroy, all in the name of keeping Nigeria one, the louder, the greater and the more deafening the roar, the demand and the struggle will get.

And that point God alone will be able to hold Nigeria together and He will only do so if it is His perfect will.

May God grant us the wisdom, prescence of mind and courage not to dismiss these vital and fundamental questions with the usual arrogance and contempt but rather to do some real soull-searching, indulge in a little introspection and humbly answer them as best as we can.

Chief Awolowo raised them almost 70 years ago. The fact of the matter is that the answers are long overdue.

- The Oriental Times



Britain: We Don’t Believe In Restructuring Nigeria, We Stand In One Indivisible Nigeria – British High Commissioner

Paul Arkwright1

By Soni Daniel
Published by Family Writers
31st January 2017

As the clamor for the restructuring of Nigeria heats up, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, has said that the United Kingdom is in support of a united, peace and prosperous Nigeria.

Arkwright, who spoke in an interview on Thursday, said that it was too late for Nigerians to continue to blame the underdevelopment of Nigeria on the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, pointing out that a lot had taken place since the country attained independence in 1960.

Arkwright said, “1914 is a rather long time ago and it’s a bit too convenient to blame the British for anything that happened over a hundred years ago. Nigeria has been independent since 1960, Nigeria is a proud and rightly independent sovereign country, so whatever happened in the past is not worth raking over, or blaming one side or another. “There are different sides obviously to what you talked about in 1914. But I would say the UK recognizes a unified Nigeria.

There is a federal government, there is a constitution; it’s important that all elements of society work toward strengthening the constitution and strengthening the unity of Nigeria. “So I do know that there have been constitutional debates. I do know that there are various proposals for restructuring of Nigeria. I think that’s a healthy debate. It is a political debate and it is one that should continue.

The British government does not take a particular position on that other than to say we are strongly supportive of a united Nigeria. The High Commissioner lauded the Nigerian Government for opening direct talks with Niger Delta communities with a view to ending the lingering political crisis in the region and paving the way for oil production. According to him, there could be no military solution to the Niger Delta crisis even though he condemned the continued sabotaging of oil facilities be armed groups the region and called for an end to such criminality. On the bombing of an IDP camp by the Nigerian Air Force early this week, the envoy said that it must have been borne out of a tragic error since the force is working to repel the Book Harem insurgents from the people.

He said, “I’m absolutely certain that it was not deliberate. What is important here is in the short term, doing the best for those who have been injured, the families of those who have been bereaved, and I know that the federal government and the state government and indeed international NGOs are working very hard to help the wounded to make sure they get proper medical treatment, and to take the necessary actions there. “That’s in the short term.

I think what is also necessary is a thorough investigation by the Nigerian Air force or the Nigerian military to determine exactly what happened because clearly it was a mistake. Mistakes can recur but what is really important is that the right actions are taken to avoid such mistakes happening again. And until that investigation happens, I don’t think it’s appropriate to speculate on what happened or whether people had imagery or whether they knew that these were Book Harem terrorists or civilians. “Let’s not forget the reason why the Air force are up there is because of the actions of the Boko Haram terrorists and I strongly condemn the Book Harem terrorists and what they are doing up there. They have disrupted, even destroyed a whole society and that is completely unacceptable.

So obviously the UK is strongly supporting the federal government in its efforts to push back and eventually indeed defeat Book Harem. The High Commissioner disclosed that UK supported the humanitarian effort in the North East to the tune of £80 million in 2016 and was still committed to doing more to assist in the area. The Department for International Development from the UK is very actively engaged in the northeast. This is partly through humanitarian assistance. Last year 2016 we gave around £80 million for that effort.

Back in September there was an announcement by our minister that we were giving an additional £50 to the Lake Chad region, including obviously the northeast of Nigeria. But you are right; this is a very serious crisis. There was a UN appeal just before the end of the year for $1 billion. The UK has done more than many to provide the UN with the necessary funding and we continue to look at what more we can do. But this is an international global effort involving the federal government, the state government and all the various state institutions, and it’s important that we get this right.

First of all by ensuring that hunger and poverty are ameliorated in the North east. Obviously the security situation needs to be resolved for good, and make sure that it’s not all about food. It’s about health, it’s about education. And some of those longer term development questions are also areas in which our Department for International Development is engaged. The UK is very present and very prominent in the north east and will continue to be so.




Brexit And Biaexit: The Hypocrisy Of British Government Through British High Commission To Nigeria


By Obulose Chidiebere N.
For Family Writers
18th April 2017

Here is one who is pregnant with malice, conceives evil and brings forth lies. He dogged a pit, dogged it so deep; and in the trap he has made, he will fall-in. His malice will recoil on him; on his own head his evil plans will fail.

On 19th January, 2017, the British High Commission to Nigeria, Ambassador Paul Arkwright said that "the United Kingdom is in full support of a united, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria". Mr Arkwright, who spoke in an interview, said that it was too late for Nigerians to continue to blame the underdevelopment of Nigeria on the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, pointing out that a lot had taken place since the country attained independence in 1960. Paul Arkwright said, “1914 is a rather long time ago and it’s a bit too convenient to blame the British for anything that happened over a hundred years ago. He continued “Nigeria has been independent since 1960, Nigeria is a proud and rightly independent sovereign country, so whatever happened in the past is not worth raking over, or blaming one side or another. But I would say the UK recognizes a unified Nigeria”.

For posterity sake, I wish to bring to the conscience of humanity not just Britain alone, that supporting almighty One Nigeria is never a problem and they shouldn't loose sleep about it because Biafra existed thousands of years before the evil amalgamation of 1914 orchestrated by the British Empire through Lord Lugard and his wife Shaw for the subjugation and enslavement of the indigenous people and to further expand her territorial conquest in Africa;  the amalgamation remains fraudulent and evil , and has claimed life of innocent people till date and until dismantled the killings continues.

However, on 6th April, 2017, he also delivered a lesson titled “Brexit: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria” where he repeated the same statement that UK believes in one indivisible Nigeria. His words read as follows “Britain is as committed as ever to working with our international partners to achieve a safer, healthier and more prosperous planet. The decision the British people made on 23rd June 2016 to leave the EU was a momentous one. It will lead to change, and much detail about that change is still uncertain. But there are some very important certainties, and I want to focus on those this morning. Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has made a very clear statement: “Brexit means Brexit, and we are going to make a success of it.” She has also been clear that making a success of Brexit is the most important task of the British government and there will be many elements to making Brexit a success.

 Invariably, the hypothetical stance of the British government as regards to who want to opt-out of Nigeria or not is mind blowing, It is either that Mr Arkwright is feigning ignorance of the rising demand for freedom of people all over the world of which Biafrans are part of, or he is being economical with the truth of happenings world over. It is noteworthy to remind all discerning minds and lovers of freedom that IPOB ably led by Nnamdi Kanu officially launched BIAFREXIT hours after Britain voted to leave EU with their own BREXIT; and their commitment to supporting Nigeria will not stand the taste of time because Biafrans has made a decision that "BIAFREXIT means BIAFREXIT" which is completely inevitable as Biafra restoration is a task that must be accomplished successfully. The British has killed many people in her quest to maintain territorial integrity of Nigeria forgetting Bakassi Peninsula which was ceded to Cameroon and Scotland which want to opt-out of the UK to have their own country.  But, as for Biafrans self-independent it a task that must be accomplished.

Moreover, it is rather disheartening for the British that opted out of EU to refuse to ask why Biafrans also want to opt-out of Nigeria? Britain has maintained that they are being held back in the EU, and that the duty charge/bills being imposed on businesses which add little or no gain or value to the collective growth or wellbeing of her citizens is never advantageous to them. They also cited sovereignty and democracy, and that they wanted to take back full control of their borders and reduce the number of people coming to live and/or work therein.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said one of the main messages she has taken from the Leave vote was that the British people want to see a reduction in immigration. But surprisingly, Biafrans will fall victim of this immigration checks/reduction by the British government because they are the most travelled species on the earth. Biafrans are not in any way against the fact that the British people has voted to take back their land and as well have full control of their borders; but will continue to condemn the British evil plans to keep enslaving a people while wanting the best for her citizens. What a fraudulent and deceitful stance but to their imagination Biafra must be restored in their watchful eyes and only a sovereign Biafran state will drastically bring about the desired reduction in immigrants, in that, it will call for Biafra mass return to the blessed land of Biafra. Biafrans want to be a free people on their own land thats why they have vowed to take back their land and also control their own borders, dignity, identify and to be able to develop at their own pace; its their inalienable right and are ever determined to self-emancipate themselves from Nigeria's subjugation.

 Furthermore, Mr. Paul Arkwright, could now see the hand writing on the wall; that nothing will stop a determined people from reclaiming their sovereignty irrespective of the challenges they may face? Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is British citizen has been held in prison for up to 2years now, but Mr. Arkwright has never made any public statement to condemning the illegality of his incarceration.

Mr. Paul Arkwright, how could you be so wicked and inhumane not to see the killings that have been going on in Nigeria? The killing of unarmed IPOB members  have been on going in Nigeria for a long time now, of which according to Amnesty over 150 (though the number was higher than what the report gave) of their members have been killed by Nigeria combined military forces but Mr. Arkwright have only remained silent in support of it. So many innocent and hapless Nigerians have been killed by the terrorist herdsmen and Mr. Ambassador has never raised an eyeball in condemnation of such barbaric act.

 Seems corruption in Nigeria has overwhelmed your sense of reasoning and judgment. When wickedness eat up your conscience, it will turn you from human being to human beast, Mr. Arkwright, should as a matter of sanity guard his utterances because it cannot stop a determined people of Biafra from restoring their inheritance.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers



Paul Arkwright Is an Errand Boy for the Arrogant and Ignorant British Government

Paul Arkwright wearing outfit
Paul Arkwright; British Ambassador to the "fantastically corrupt" Nigeria

By Chima Onyekachi
12th April 2017

I watched a televised scene of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, passionately pleading to the Scottish representatives in the House of Common to shelve the plans of separating from Britain so as to enable a smooth transition of separation from the European Union (EU). This is coming after the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Nicola Sturgeon, announced their intention to vie for another referendum.

Back in Nigeria, an employee of the British government in the person of the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, while running an errand for his paymasters decided to exhibit the colonial master’s trait of arrogance and ignorance when it comes to talking about Biafra. While speaking in a public lecture titled “Brexit Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria” at the Federal University, Lokoja, it was reported that the British High Commissioner told the people of Biafra to shelve the idea of clamoring for an independent state of Biafra, that his country stands solidly behind one, indivisible Nigeria.

In his own words, he said “Those agitating for a separate Biafra nation will be better advised to shelve such plans because it will never work under our watch, we will do everything possible to ensure Nigeria remains one and indivisible country under God”. He added “the strength of Nigeria is not in her money or oil but her greatest asset remains her well-endowed and resourceful people.

It is shameful and spikes of hypocrisy that Paul Arkwright who was delivering a supposed lecture on the success of his country in separating from the EU, will at the same time undermine the efforts of the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in peacefully exercising the right to self-determination which is enshrined in the United Nations Charter. What kind of lecture is Paul Arkwright giving to his audience if he cannot educate and enlighten them on the importance and civility of a referendum? Was it not through a referendum the British people chose they were tired of the partnership with the EU and decided to opt out? The Scottish people who have not given up on their desire to be independent even after failing to gain the majority in the last referendum are been pleaded upon and have never been insulted by the British government.

Paul Arkwright does not need to remind the people of Biafra that the British government is the arch enemy to the restoration of Biafra because we are very much aware of that hard truth. Biafrans have not forgotten that the weapons used in the extermination of their grandparents and parents by the Nigeria troops during the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70 were sent from the British government. The Harold Wilson led government of Britain hugely assisted the Nigeria government of Yakubu Gowon in perpetrating genocide against the people of Biafra, as they enforced the blockade of Biafra Land causing hunger while bombing innocent civilians and pillaging the land. The British government through the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) propagated fallacies, hiding the true facts and happenings against innocent civilians, all through the period of the genocide from the international community. Even the kwashiorkor epidemic ravaging the innocent Biafran children during the genocide was named “Wilson Syndrome” after the then British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. Pictures and videos showing the evil and wickedness of Britain against Biafrans are still available; let the British errand boy hold his peace.

Paul Wright is surely fooling only himself for claiming money and oil is not the reason the British government is solidly behind the Nigeria government. In fact the British errand boy in Nigeria needs mental treatment for even mentioning God in keeping their contraption intact. The creation of Nigeria by Fredrick Lugard and his girlfriend Floral Shaw was basically because of the discovery of crude oil in Biafra Land and was never about the people. The people of Biafra accepted the Christian religion from the British colonial masters without the knowledge that they were more interested in exploiting the natural resources found in most parts of Biafra Land. It is not a surprise that throughout the bombardment and destruction of Biafra Land during the 1967-70 genocide, no oil installment or facility was targeted or bombed because they were owned by British corporations.

Instead; markets, hospitals, refuges shelters, churches and civilian soft spots were targeted and bombed. Paul Wright should bear in his myopic mind that Nigeria is an artificial creation of Fredrick Lugard and will surely disintegrate. Why is the British government warning her citizens from visiting most parts of Nigeria due to insecurity and at the same time “protecting its territorial integrity”? Is the territorial integrity of Britain not also important but the people of Scotland were allowed to have a referendum twice. Such hypocrisy!

I want Paul Wright to understand that these generations of Biafra clamoring for the sovereign restoration of Biafra is better prepared and more determined than the heroes and heroines of 1967-70. If the insolent British High Commissioner has been following events he needs no tales to be told to him about the formidability and resilience of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. We are not unaware of the British government underground fight against the report of Amnesty International which indicted the Nigeria security forces for extra judicial murder and violence against the people of Biafra. The British government is blocking efforts of the international human right watchdog to bring the attention of the global community to the injustice against the people of Biafra by the Nigeria government. Biafrans are also aware of the propagation of fake news and propaganda by the British government for the benefit of the Nigeria government to acquire more weapons in the pretext of fighting against Boko Haram.

Paul Wright’s long stay in Nigeria must have made him lose his civility and has turned him into someone with the reasoning of an animal or else he will not be speaking about the non-negotiability of the unity of Nigeria. As civilized as he is supposed to be, is unity ever forced on people? Why is the British government negotiating and dialoguing with the Scottish representatives? Did the European Union force Britain to remain with the union? I am beginning to believe that Paul Wright is a racist who thinks only those with white skin deserves to exercise their human rights.

The British government is applauding and supporting the killing of unarmed and peaceful Biafrans by the Nigeria security forces during protests and demonstrations. Britain prefers that fellow Christians in Biafra should undergo marginalization and death while it supported the independence of Muslim-majority countries of Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Currently, Britain is actively supporting the secession of Muslim-majority Kosovo and the same time forcing predominantly Christian-Biafra to remain in the Islamic republic of Nigeria. Such wickedness!

Paul Wright has kept blind eyes to the abuse of the rights of Nnamdi Kanu who is also a British citizen but he is busy misinforming and lying to the public that the British Foreign office is providing consular service to the illegally detained IPOB leader. Rather than advice the Nigeria government to obey the court rulings acquitting Nnamdi Kanu, the British consular is devising plans to scuttle the desire of the people of Biafra. The errand boy of the British government in Nigeria should go back to his paymasters and inform them that the people of Biafra have resolved to restore the sovereign state of Biafra or die trying. He should also inform the psychopaths at Number 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London to get ready to perpetrate another round of genocide in Biafra Land. But this time, the British government should be rest assured that the Indigenous People of Biafra will not be forced to surrender until the flag of Biafra is flying as an independent nation.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17



IPOB Press Release: British High Commissioner To Nigeria And The Indivisibility Of Nigeria -- What The World Must Know

Mr. Paul Arkwright



12th April 2017

We Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB) worldwide led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to state that the substance of this press statement is traceable to the diplomatic blunder committed by no less a person than the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, His Excellency, Mr. Paul Arkwright recently in Kogi State of Nigeria where he was reported to have delivered a public lecture on the topic: "Brexit: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria" at the Federal University, Lokoja, on Thursday, 6th April, 2017.

Asked about the position of Britain on the groups pushing for independence from Nigeria, the envoy said the UK remained firm in its support for one Nigeria. We have therefore taken time to painstakingly analyse this statement credited to the British Envoy and we find it very unfortunate and distasteful that a seasoned diplomat of Mr. Arkwright’s standing could have displayed such ignorance of international law and protocol.

From our very careful observation, we are of the view that two factors could have been responsible for Mr. Arkwright’s uncharacteristic diplomatic blunder. The first that immediately comes to mind is ignorance and the second, which is equally unfortunate, even more so than the first, is mischief. Riding on these assumptions, we shall now take the liberty of this press statement to address these two possible inadequacies which His Excellency might be suffering from and to clear every doubt his stance may have engendered in the minds of a largely undiscerning and docile populace.


We would want to presume that the statement of Mr. Arkwright may have been influenced by that opening phrase in the Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar (Nigerian) 1999 Constitution which reads as follows: “We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Having firmly and solemnly resolved, to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God,…”

We make haste therefore to inform Mr. Arkwright that even the most poorly lettered man on the streets of Lokoja (venue of Mr. Arkwright’s public lecture) agree that the Amended Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar 1999 Constitution lied about itself and that the first lie in that Constitution is the wasteful phrase: “We the people”.

It is the duty of IPOB to clear the illusions this deceptive phrase might have planted in the pliable mind of Mr. Arkwright and others like him. No doubt, the above phrase seeks to convey the misleading impression that ordinary people of Nigeria willingly in a conference, meeting or assembly convened by Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar somewhere in Abuja in 1999 agreed to vest immutable non-negotiable sovereignty on the Nigerian nation through the instrumentality of the said 1999 Constitution. This is a blatant lie, deception and fraud concocted by self-serving individuals in Nigeria to deceive themselves and those not enlightened enough to know what is being done in their name.

Not minding the obvious limitations and inherent defects of the Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar 1999 Constitution by virtue of the lie "We the people....." preamble, we recognise the centrality of sovereignty in the field of International law. However, as rigid and important as this concept may be to the proponents of One Nigeria, it still admits and recognises some notable exceptions. It is therefore not immutable and cannot as a result be construed in absolute terms. In other words, sovereignty of states under international law is not cast in iron and can be broken or dissolved.

The point IPOB is making here is to the effect that, in the exercise of the sovereign powers bestowed on it, an artificial creation like the  Nigerian state or indeed any other country, can limit its own sovereignty or surrender a part of same. The truth as it stands today is that the Nigerian state, has out of its own volition already surrendered Nigerian sovereignty over Bakassi Peninsular, which therefore enables any part of Nigeria or section thereof to secede when they so decide, contrary to the wishes and ambitions of the neo-colonialists like  Mr. Arkwright. This is equally true and remains same for even Great Britain whom Mr. Arkwright represents in Nigeria. Let us explain.

We will use English judicial authorities to convey the message home to the British  Envoy before we turn to the Nigerian judicial authorities. In the case of Blackburn vs. Attorney-General,  Court of Appeal (Civil Division) [1971] EWCA Civ J0510-2, [1971] 1 WLR 1037 where Mr. Blackburn was concerned about the application of Her Majesty's government to join the European Common Market by seeking to sign up to the Treaty of Rome. He brought two actions against Her Majesty's Government Edward Heath  through the then Attorney-General, in which he sought declarations to the effect that, by signing the Treaty of Rome, Her Majesty's Government will surrender in part the sovereignty of The Crown in Parliament (British people) forever.

He canvassed the view that in so doing the Government will be acting in breach of the law. Mr. Blackburn pointed out that many regulations made by the European Economic Community will become automatically binding on the people of Great Britain: and that all the Courts of  Great Britain, including the House of Lords, will have to follow the decisions of a foreign European Court in certain defined respects, including the drafting of the Treaty itself. To buttress his point Mr. Blackburn made reference to an earlier decision by the Court of Common Market Costa v. E. N. E. L. ( 1964 Common Market Law Reports, 425) in February, 1964, in which the European Court in its judgment said that:

".….the member states, albeit within limited spheres, have restricted their sovereign rights and created a body of law applicable both to their nationals and to themselves".

When this contention over the sanctity of sovereignty came before the Court of Appeal in England, a majority of the panel of judges (Lord Denning dissenting) reasoned and held that the power to enter into Treaties was itself a power of the Crown acting on advice from ministers. In simple terms, it means that sovereignty can indeed be tampered with by a government and as such cannot be held to be sacrosanct.


There is no doubt that the Nigerian Head of State (President) has the powers to enter into treaties with foreign nations (both bilateral and multilateral) which is binding on the whole Nigerian state. Section 12 of the Amended Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar 1999 Constitution has laid down the procedure for the domestication of such treaties as a condition precedent to their activation as a law in Nigeria. There is no question regarding the binding nature of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (providing among others for the right to self-determination) on the Nigerian state. Equally true is the fact that not only that Nigeria is a signatory to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Nigerian Parliament has entrenched the said Charter as part of the corpus juris of the country by way of domestication in compliance with the dictates of section 12 of the Constitution earlier referred to. It should be noted that Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right most lucidly proclaims in clear language that:

“All peoples shall have the right to existence. They shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to self-determination. They shall freely determine their political status and shall pursue their economic and social development according to the policy they have freely chosen.”

As we earlier stated, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right became part of Nigerian laws by virtue of African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (Ratification and Enforcement Act), Cap 10, Laws of the Federation (LFN), 1990. The status of this very important legislation came up for interpretation before the Nigerian Supreme Court in the case of Abacha vs. Fawehinmi (2001) 51 WRN 29; (2000) 6 NWLR 228, (2002) 3 LRC 296, (2001) 1 CHR 95. In answering that crucial question, Justice Ogundare (of blessed memory) delivering the lead judgment of the full panel of the Nigerian Supreme Court had this to say:

“Where, however, the treaty is enacted into law by the National Assembly, as was the case with the African Charter which is incorporated into our municipal (i.e. domestic) law by the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act Cap. 10 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990 (hereinafter is referred to simply as Cap. 10), it becomes binding and our Courts must give effect to it like all other laws falling within the Judicial power of the Courts. By Cap. 10 the African Charter is now part of the laws of Nigeria and like all other laws the Courts must uphold it. The Charter gives to citizens of member states of the Organisation of African Unity rights and obligations, which rights and obligations are to be enforced by our Courts, if they must have any meaning… No doubt Cap. 10 is a statue with international flavour. Being so, therefore, I would think that if here is a conflict between it and another statue, its provisions will prevail over those of that other statue for the reason that it is presumed that the legislature does not intend to breach an international obligation. To this extent I agree with their Lordships of the Court below that the Charter possesses "a greater vigour and strength" than any other domestic statue.”

It is important to point out that the provision of Section 12 of the Nigerian Constitution declaring null and void any treaty entered between Nigeria and any other country/countries will not acquire the force of law in Nigeria until domesticated, holds no water in international law, nor before International Courts/Tribunals. What this simply means is that the Nigerian state cannot, under any conceivable circumstance, resign from its obligation to honour any international treaty it freely entered into by citing its anachronistic domestic laws as a defence. In other words, Nigeria cannot point to its own domestic laws as constituting a limitation to the fulfillment of its obligation under any international treaty it freely entered into. Put more correctly, domestic laws cannot be allowed to constitute a drag on the operation of foreign laws under which a state party has undertaken to fulfil international obligations. Indeed, this is the heart and soul of Article 7 of the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties under International law.

The argument put up by the Government of Nigeria to the effect that Bakassi Peninsula could not be yielded up to Cameroun on the principal ground that section 12 of the Nigerian Constitution would need to be complied with so as to effectively delete Bakassi as a Local Government by way of Constitutional amendment was roundly rejected by the International Court of Justice. (See generally Cameroon v. Nigeria, ICJ Reports, 2002, pp. 303, 346.) Today, Bakassi Peninsula, formerly of Cross-Rivers State of Nigeria, is no more a Nigerian territory even without any constitutional amendment. The Nigerian Supreme Court has now accepted this position as a correct representation of the law binding on the Nigerian state.

A practical demonstration of this acceptance is made manifest in the case of Attorney-General of Cross-Rivers State vs. Attorney-General of the Federation and Anor (2005) 15 NWLR (Pt.947) pg 71 where the effect of the ICJ judgment on the erstwhile littoral segment of Cross-River State was captured thus;

“The effect of the judgment of the International Court of Justice dated 10/10/2002 on the land and maritime boundary between Nigeria and Cameroun is that it has wiped off what use to be the estuarine sector of Cross River State as a result of which the State is hemmed in by the new international boundary between Nigeria and Cameroun. That being the case, there seems to not be any estuarine boundary between Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State with the result that Cross River no longer has a seaward boundary.”

In fact, in a later 2012 case of Attorney-General of Cross-Rivers State vs. Attorney-General of the Federation and Anor, the Supreme Court (SC.250/2009), speaking through Rhodes-Vivour, J.S.C.,  was more punchy when it eloquently declared with a tone of finality that;

“This Court has no jurisdiction to decide ownership of oil wells located on oil rich Bakasi Peninsula for the simple reason that Bakasi Peninsula is foreign territory. It is Cameroun land. Supreme Court jurisdiction is restricted to Nigeria land.”


The jurisprudential beacon offered by the galaxy of authorities examined above leaves us with the only conviction that Mr. Paul Arkwright’s position is out of tune with contemporary realities which reflects poorly on his standing as a seasoned diplomat. He must work hard to redeem his image which is being seen by many concerned Africans as one steeped in gross incompetence devoid of any intellectual depth. A good starting point will be for him to acknowledge that this Nigerian state as presently constituted, created by his fellow countryman Frederick Luggard, has voluntarily, by domesticating Article 20 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right, accepted to give fillip to any section of the country wishing to secede by facilitating the exercise of that undeniable right through referendum as was recently done in the United Kingdom, where Mr. Arkwright comes from and is representing, regarding Scotland.

The second duty on the part of Mr. Paul Arkwright is for him to wake up to his real duties by impressing upon the Nigerian Government the imperative of discharging its obligation (under UN Declaration and African Charter) of facilitating a referendum for a peaceful Biafra exit from Nigeria.

It is our hope that Mr. Paul Arkwright appreciates this new reality, otherwise we would be forced to draw the alternative inference that he set out ab initio to cause mischief and test the will and resolve of IPOB. This would be most unfortunate if it were to be so since the pervasive consequences of such an action will not spare anyone trying to subvert the will of the Biafran people. For record purposes, the Conservative Party led British Government of Theresa May has nothing to fear from the emergence of Biafra, after all we Biafrans are the most Anglophile of all races in Africa. Should Mr. Arkwright continue to pursue his flawed and misguided adventure of insisting on the indivisibility of their 'One Nigeria', it would be fatal and suicidal because we would never ever stop until Biafra is liberated. We wish to stop here.


Dr. Ikenna Chinaka
Mrs Grace Ukpai
IPOB Spokespersons





How Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo Shared Nigeria’s Oil Blocks

The process of sharing Nigeria’s oil block national cake is as fraudulent now as when Ibrahim Babangida started the process of discretionary allocation of oil blocks to indigenous firms.

Discretionary allocation of oil blocks entails that a president can reward a mistress who performs wonderfully with an oil block with capacity for cumulative yield of over $20 billion dollars without recourse to any process outside of manhood attachments. Babangida, Abacha, Abdulsalami and Obasanjo awarded discretionary oil blocks to friends, associates, family members, party chieftains, security chiefs and all categories of bootlickers, spokespersons and cult members without any laid down procedures.

The recipients of such oil blocks will get funds from ever willing offshore financiers and partners to graciously settle the benefactors, the awarders, facilitators and the Commander-in-Chief through fronts. These settlements mostly paid into foreign accounts runs into hundreds of millions of dollars according to the potential yield of the block. Sometimes, the awarder (sharer of national cake and direct intermediaries) demand additional stakes in the bidding company. The awarder sends fronts as part of the directorship and management of the bidding firms without leaving a link to them. That is how the oil block national cake is distributed to a few Nigerians.

Signature bonuses which are paid when an investor successfully bids, wins and signs agreement with the petroleum ministry, running into tens of millions and sometimes hundreds of millions of naira ,is often waived off. There is actually no waiver; rather a diversion of what would have been paid to government t coffers is paid into private purse as appreciation gifts. That is why those in the Petroleum Ministry dread retirement as though it signifies going to hell fire. No matter how little your influence, something substantial must enter your hands especially in hard currency. The nation loses billions of dollars in diverted revenue whenever any round of auction occurs.

OML 110 with high yield OBE oil fields was given Cavendish Petroleum owned by Alhaji Mai Daribe, the Borno Patriarch in 1996 by Sanni Abacha. OBE oil field has estimated over 500 million barrels of oil. In layman’s language and using average benchmark of $100 dollars per barrel, translates to $50 billion dollars worth of oil reserve. When you remove the taxes, royalties and sundry duties worth about 60% of the reserve payable over time you get about $20billion dollars worth of oil in the hands of a family.

OPL 246 was awarded to SAPETRO, a company owned by General Theophilus Danjuma, by Sanni Abacha in 1998. Akpo condensate exports about 300,000 barrels of crude daily.

OML 112 and OML 117 were awarded to AMNI International Petroleum Development Company owned by Colonel Sanni Bello in 1999. Sanni Bello is an inlaw to Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Head of State of Nigeria.

OML 115, OLDWOK Field and EBOK field was awarded to Alhaji Mohammed Indimi from Niger State. Indimi is an inlaw to former Military President Ibrahim Babangida.

OML 215 is operated by Nor East Petroleum Limited owned by Alhaji Saleh Mohammed Gambo.

OML 108 is operated by Express Petroleum Company Limited is owned by Alhaji Aminu Dantata.

OML II3 allocated to Yinka Folawiyo Pet Ltd is owned by Alhaji W.I. folawiyo.

ASUOKPU/UMUTU marginal oil fields is operated by Seplat Petroleum. Seplat is owned by Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero, cousin to the Central Bank Governor Lamido Sanusi. This oil field has the capacity of 300,000 barrels of oil daily. This translates to $30million dollars daily at average benchmark of $100 dollars per barrel. Deducting all sundry taxes, royalties etc , this field can yield $12billion dollars daily for the owners .

Intel owned by Atiku, Yarádua and Ado Bayero has substantial stakes in Nigeria’s oil exploration industry both in Nigeria and Principe and Sao Tome.

AMNI owns two oil blocks OML 112 and OML 117 which it runs Afren plc and Vitol has substantial stakes in oil blocks. Afren plc is operating EBOK oil fields in OML 67. Vitol lifts 300,000 barrels of Nigerian oil daily. Rilwanu Lukman, former OPEC Chairman has stakes in all these named three companies.

OPL 245 was awarded to Malabu Oil& Gas Company by Sanni Abacha. Dan Etete, Abacha’s oil minister owns Malabu Oil. In 2000, Vice President Atiku Abubakar convinced Obasanjo to revoke OPL 245 given to Malabu Oil. Etete had earlier rejected Atiku’s demand for substantial stakes in the high yield OPL 245 and it attracted the venom of Ota Majesty who revoked the licence. However, in 2006, Obasanjo had mercy on Dan Etete and gave him back his oil block worth over $20 billion dollars.

OPL 289 and OPL 233 was awarded during Obasanjo era to Peter Odili fronts, Cleanwater Consortium, consisting of Clenwater Refinery and RivGas Petroleum and Gas Company. Odili’s brother in law, Okey Ezenwa manages the consortium as Vice Chairman.

OPL 286 is managed by Focus Energy in partnership with BG Group, a British oil concern. Andy Uba has stakes in Focus Energy and his modus operandi is such that you can never see his name in any listings yet he controls OPL and OML through proxies.

OPL 291 was awarded to Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited, owned by Emeka Offor by Obasanjo . Immediately after the award, Starcrest sold the oil block to Addax Petroleum Development Company Limited (ADDAX) Addax paid Sir Emeka Offor a farming fee of $35million dollars and still paid the signature bonus to the government. Emeka Offor still retains stake in ADDAX operations in Nigeria.

Mike Adenuga’s Conoil is the oldest indigenous oil exploration industry in Nigeria. Conoil has six oil blocks and exports above 200,000 barrels of crude daily.

The oil block national cake sharing fiesta could take twists according to the mood of the Commander-in –Chief at the particular time. In 2006, Obasanjo revoked OPL 246 which Abacha gave to Danjuma because he refused to support the tenure elongation bid of the Ota Majesty. In 2000, Obasanjo had earlier revoked OPL 241 given to Dan Etete under the advice Atiku. However, when the Obasanjo-Atiku faceoff started, the Ota Majesty made a u-turn and handed back the oil block to Etete.

During the time of Late President Yarádua , a panel headed by Olusegun Ogunjana was set up to investigate the level of transparency in the award of oil blocks. The panel recommended that 25 oil blocks awarded by the Obasanjo be revoked because the manner they were obtained failed to meet the best practices in the industry. Sadiq Mahmood, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum endorsed the report to then president with all its recommendations. As a result of the report Yarádua revoked eleven oil blocks.

In April 2011 Mike Adenuga attempted to buy Shell’s OML 30 for $1.2 billion dollars. The Minister for Petroleum and Nigeria’s most powerful woman refused the sale of the OML30 to Adenuga citing national interest. This block was later sold to Heritage Oil for $800 million dollars eleven months later.

This oil block business is so lucrative that Danjuma’s Sapetro divested of its investment in Akpo condensate for $1billion dollars. This business is second to none in Nigeria. That is why any attempt to investigate the activities in this sector will always be futile. The money is so much that they give bribes in millions of dollars. A birthday gift or child naming gift from an oil block owner to a government official could be as paltry as $2million dollars, and if the official’s father died, the condolence gift could reach mere $3 million dollars. When they want to bribe legislators, it is in millions of dollars and any ongoing investigation ends within weeks. They are so confident that with excess money they can buy up Nigeria and they are succeeding.

In the name of competitive bidding, which Obasanjo introduced in 2005, Officials bring companies overnight and through processes best described as secretive and voodooist they award blocks to party faithful, fronts and phoney companies. They collect gratifications running into hundreds of millions of dollars which is paid into offshore account and the nation loses billions of dollars of revenue to private pockets.

During the third term agenda, Obasanjo was deceived that the allocation of oil block to party faithfuls is to fund the third term agenda. With the failure of the third term, the beneficiaries went home with their fortunes and thanked God or Allah for buttering their bread. Senator Andy Uba co ordinate the award of the last rounds of oil block by Obasanjo in 2005 and 2007. The then minister of petroleum, Edwin Daukoru was a mere errand boy who took instructions from the presidential aide.

The regime of President Goodluck is not showing any signs of changing the status quo. Controversies have trailed the activities of the Minister of Petroleum and many players in the Industry accuse her of demanding stakes from every oil deal. It is hoped that President Goodluck Jonathan will remember his transformational promise to Nigerians and endeavour to face the hawks in the oil industry. The angst in the air is so much that if this monster of illegal allocation of oil block is not addressed, the much touted revolution could begin all of a sudden and all who condoned this illegality at the expense of hungry Nigerians may have nowhere to hide.

The religious leaders should tell these oil block beneficiaries, awarders, fronts, brokers and all involved in short changing the Nigerian people to find means or returning all these back to the Nigerian people, through massive development projects. They should curtail their constant visits to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem for prayers and attend to the poverty they spread in the land. They should build affordable secondary schools, universities, specialist hospitals, roads, silos, etc for the Nigerian people. They should fund talent development programmes and sponsor activities capable of alleviating poverty. The voice of impoverished Nigerians is crying daily and if care is not taken the God who delivered Nigeria from Abacha dark days will visit them with calamities untold. With the rot in this oil block awarding system and other loot all over the Nigerian nation, something worse than revolution may happen.

Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Obinna Akukwe, Post was earlier published on AfricanHeraldexpress.

Posted on April 29, 2012 Author: Obinna AkukweCategories




One Nigeria, One Big Corruption:
The British Made "Nigeria" that is Riddled with Corruption Has Expired and Ripe for Break-up

Scores Dead as British Experiment Goes Wrong in Nigeria (Graphic Photos)

Theresa May

By IgbereTvNews
19th April 2017

There is absolutely nothing wrong in a man choosing to live in denial of the reality of his situation for a short while. After all, denial is part of the grieving process. The first part, actually.

When I lost my father, the late Emmanuel Nwodo Ogbu Nwa-Chima, not too long ago, too afraid to admit the obvious and too scared to face the world on my own, for days, I lied to myself that my good man wasn’t dead but had somehow disappeared to someplace cool and would re-appear later to attend to his good boy. Sadly, he never did. And here I am. Stronger than he left me.

The biggest tragedy that would befall a man is for him to live in denial for far too long that he has now come to accept his own lies about his ugly situation and swallow them as though they were the gospel truth.

Sadly, this is the tragedy of the situation of Southerners in the Nigerian experiment.Contrary to what many believe, the Southern part of Nigeria IS NOT in a union with the North. They are in slavery and the North is their slave master. It grieves me to admit this but it grieves me even more that its true.

But this is not even the real problem. The real problem here is that most southerners appear either oblivious of the fact that they are in slavery or they’ve come to see their chain as a very beautiful bracelet. There is no task more tedious than rescuing a slave who is unaware of his slave status.

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves,” says Harriet Tubman.

People Killed by Herdsmen
People Killed by Fulani Herdsmen

Southern Nigeria is living in slavery. Let’s hurt ourselves with the truth rather than comfort ourselves with lies. If the truth is bitter, that is more reason we need to hear it.

Here in this country, less than two years ago, a Northern Muslim man from Kano State who goes by the name Yunusa Dahiru (alias Yellow) kidnapped an under-aged Christian girl named Ese Oruru from Bayelsa State. And to prove that a child sent to steal by the father breaks the door with his head, Yunusa took his victim straight to the palace of the Emir of Kano where the girl was brain-washed and forcibly converted to Islam before being repeatedly raped and impregnated by Yunusa. She is nursing the baby even as I write this.

Now, here is the real proof of the slave status of the southerners: The then Police Inspector General was a southern Christian by name Solomon Arase and this police chief had known about this case for over nine months. He equally knew the identity as well as the address of both the victim and the perpetrator and accomplices of this crime but he was too scared of the slave masters to intervene to rescue the innocent girl. On several occasions, the mother of the victim travelled from Bayelsa to Kano in search of her daughter but was assaulted by a Kano mob at the palace of the emir while the police played the spectator. I.G Solomon Arase would later tell the whole world that he could not just walk into the emir’s palace to rescue the kidnapped victim without the blessing of the emir who was in Saudi Arabia for the lesser hajj.

Biafran Protester Shot dead by Nigerian Army

A police chief admitted waiting for the permission of a traditional ruler before rescuing a kidnapped victim hidden in the palace of the traditional ruler with the full knowledge of the said traditional ruler.

How do you think this would have played out if it was a certain Chukwudi that abducted an under-aged Muslim girl from Kano and hid her at the palace of the Obi of Onitsha? Would the police wait for permission from the Obi before invading his palace? Would our Muslim brothers even wait for the police before killing any southern living and non- living thing around them?

Fulani criminals have murdered thousands of Nigerians and displaced millions. To make it worse, they’ve repeatedly admitted to these killings right in the presence of security agencies. Matter of fact, last year, immediately after they slaughtered over 500 Agatus in Benue State and dozens in Nimbo, Uzo-Uwani, Enugu State, the leader of the marauding Fulanis, one Senator Dagari Alkali led a delegation of the butchers straight to the defence headquarters where they publicly told everyone that, indeed, they were responsible for the killings attributed to them because in his words; “we have been pushed to the wall”

And what was the response of the defence chiefs? They all shook hands, took a group photograph with the ‘special’ visitors with open teeth and the Fulanis majestically walked out of the defence headquarters like the slave masters that they are. And the killing continues.

IPOB Massacre
Biafran Protester Shot Dead by Nigerian Soldiers

But just in case, these instances didn’t quite explain the slavery situation well, here are other instances: Last year, an Igbo Christian woman, Mrs. Bridget Agbohime was gruesomely murdered in broad day light in Kano by a group of Muslim youths for what they call blasphemy. We cried. We shouted. We wailed louder than the reggae god, Bob Marley.

To pull a wool over our eyes and shut us up, the sharia government of Kano State – the same state government that has secured death sentence in the state sharia court against number-less persons for the same blasphemy – decided to arrest the killers of Bridget. And it did and even charged them to court. Right there in the court, the state chief prosecutor, Mr. Dauda Jubril took time to explain to the magistrate how the five accused carried out the crime but the moment the case file got to the state Attorney General, Mr. Haruna Falari, he categorically told the court to discharge and acquit the five accused as according to him, “they had no case to answer”. And that was the end of the case. Meanwhile, the case of Joe Umunnakwe who named his dog “Buhari” was not left to the government of Ogun State. A police D.I.G was put in charge of the case.

Now think of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members in different prisons all over the country while Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists once tagged the deadliest and fourth deadliest terror groups in the whole world, all from the same religion and region as the slave masters, are being gifted with a juicy amnesty offer, released from prison and even protected with a special army task force on top your tax and oil money.

Now, think of Ile-Ife where despite the fact that Hausa/Fulanis drew the first blood and even paraded the severed head of the victim, according to report, the arrests by the Hausa/Fulani headed security agencies have been lopsided against the Ife indigenes and have seen even a Yoruba monarch arrested and paraded alongside other Yorubas like common criminals simply for defending their ancient city of Ile-Ife.

The Interior Minister, Abdulrahaman Dambazzau, has never visited any venue of the Fulani attacks in the past. But he quickly visited Ile-Ife and suddenly, the badly compromised security forces that have never arrested and prosecuted the Fulani terrorists killing and maiming innocent people have suddenly become more efficient than Jack Bauer. They want us to think that the killings were done by the Yorubas alone while the Hausa settlers folded their arms all through.

The most shameful aspect of this whole tragedy is that while this rape is being perpetrated against southerners, southern elites are still busy mortgaging the future of their unborn generation to these same Northern slave masters for crumbs while their well educated but fundamentally stupid youth are busy in some Igbo-Yoruba-Niger Delta cat and mouse fight. Talk of misplaced anger!

If you criticise the lopsided arrest in Ife killing, chances are the first person that will attack you will be a southerner. Condemn the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and trust me, you will be attacked not by northerners but southerners first.

Such is the degree of the willingness of southerners to continue defending their slave masters. But, while it is important that we acknowledge our slave status at the hands of a few northern oligarchs and work towards our freedom, it is more important if not most important that we do not fail to remember the faces of our southern parents who deliberately marched us into this slavery out of sheer greed.

Ogbu, a social analyst, writes from Port Harcourt.




Highly Respected British Citizen Confesses To Fraudulent Census In Nigeria

Harold Smith

By Mr O A Olagbaiye
8th April 2017

Subject: Legendary Harold Smith Speaks about Nigeria ‘hidden Agenda – Excerpt of A narrative by: Dr. O A Olagbaiye, MBBS. FRCS

Good to remind ALL of us of this. Please read on:

The man Harold Smith is not new in Nigerian history. He is one of the architects of colonial foundation that midwife Nigerian independence in 1960.

I met him in a meeting three weeks ago where he opened up a bit about the lingering problem in Africa especially; Nigeria unbalanced protracted social political situations. We asked if he could make this known to the media. His response was “I am in my 80s now; I have agreed but in the past ‘they’ did not want me to say anything, but now I don’t want to go to my grave without telling the truth about the atrocities perpetrated in Africa by the colonialists.

Brothers and sisters; on Ben TV last Thursday, Harold Smith was on a program to reveal what went behind the scene before the independence. The Oxford University graduate had this to say about his role in Nigeria pre and after independence era.

‘Our agenda was to completely exploit Africa. Nigeria was my duty post. When we a****sed Nigeria, this was what we found in the southern region; strength, intelligence, determination to succeed, well established history, complex but focused life style, great hope and aspirations… the East is good in business and technology, the west is good in administration and commerce, law and medicine, but it was a pity we planned our agenda to give power “at all cost” to the northerner. They seemed to be submissive and silly of a kind. Our mission was accomplished by destroying the opposition at all fronts. The west led in the fight for the independence, and was punished for asking for freedom. They will not rule Nigeria!

Harold Smith confessed that the Census results were announced before they were

counted. Despite seeing vast land with no human but cattle in the north, we still gave the north 55 million instead of 32 Million. This was to be used to maintain their majority votes and future power bid. He stated that the West without Lagos was the most populous in Nigeria at that time but we ignored that. The north was seriously encouraged to go into the military. According to him, they believe that the south may attend western education, but future leaders will always come from military background. Their traditional rulers were to be made influential and super human. The northerners were given accelerated promotions both in the military and civil service to justify their superiority over the south. Everything was to work against the south. We truncated their good plan for their future. “I was very sorry for the A.G; it was a great party too much for African standard. We planned to destroy Awolowo and Azikiwe well, the west and the east and sowed a seed of discord among them”. We tricked Azikiwe into accepting to be president having known that Balewa will be the main man with power. Awolowo has to go to jail to cripple his genius plans for a greater Nigeria.

However, Harold Smith justified the British agenda of colonialism in Nigeria, which he believed was originally to help build Africa after the ruins of slave trade, but lamented that the British only looked after themselves and not after Nigerian interest. The British really let Nigeria down. When I see Nigerian been accused of fraud and from what I saw on the streets of Lagos; the British were worst fraudsters.

Looking at the northern leaders now he said, “If they have any agenda in Nigeria at all, sadly it is only for the north, and nothing for Nigeria. He stated that the British look after the British people and this is so all over the world. He said the time has come now to see people of intelligent minds with an open and inclusive agenda for all Nigerians in power…people who will really look after Nigerians large population…but ”I still curiously and sorrowfully see now that the British has not let go of Nigeria…her wealth, her potentials, her future. He opined that the Caucasian people now assert themselves as the keeper of the “New Age” keys. He therefore said that it is only logical for Europeans to maintain their position of power, scientific superiority, economic exploitation, they must continue to perpetuate their lies and falsehoods and this is the unkindest cut of all in relation to Nigeria situation!

According to him, Nigeria, a great nation was crippled not because of military juntas or corrupt leaders alone but by the British and American fear of Nigeria great future. He confessed, “The fear of the place that will be our ‘dumping ground’ really occupied our minds”.

Some of the things he said were not new to Nigerians or to the wh*** world but hearing it from the horse’s mouth is quite revealing and established more reality zones. He finally submitted that the colonial masters have caused havoc while they were in Africa, and planted timed bombs when they finally left. What we see since independence, the administration of new internal colonial masters by fellow Nigerians holding sway in power is doing more damage to Nigeria.

Instead of defusing the time bombs planted by the British, the north is planting more mines.

He added that ‘It was my duty to carry out all of the above and I was loyal to my country Britain. Nigerians should try to be loyal to their country, leaders and followers alike. Love your country. You have got the potentials to be great again and the wh*** world knows this’.

I am sorry for the above evil done to Nigeria. I can’t say sorry enough……"

Mr O A Olagbaiye, MBBS,FRCS
Dept of Surgery
Homerton University hospital
Homerton Row
London E9 6SR
- Oriental Times