RUGA Settlement the Original Intention for Nigerian Civil War

Highly placed Fulanis of Nigeria have been making arrogant pronouncements on the issue of Fulani herdsmen killings of innocent Nigerians and their planned RUGA Settlement. Fulanis who have been contributing to arrogant claim of Fulani supremacy includes Prof Ango Abdullahi, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman and others. This is a realisation time as other Nigerians blindly followed the propaganda by the Fulani north to stop the Igbo expansion that led to the massacre of innocent citizens of Igbo origin. The Fulanis from the beginning of Nigeria feared that with Igbo expansion, there would be no room for Fulani domination of the peoples of Nigeria. The Fulani ruled northern Nigerian government spread falsehood about Igbo domination in order to create room for Fulani colonisation of Nigeria and to have firm grip on political and military power to control other tribes hence the killing of over 500 Igbo military officers and their general, Aguiyi Ironsi. What is disturbing is that other tribes of Nigeria, including the Yorubas bought the idea on the pretence that they were fighting for unity of Nigeria even though their two sons (Major Ademoyega and Banjo) were amongst the five majors that organised the first coup. 

The difference between the Igbos and the Fulanis is that the Igbos expand and integrate into Nigeria with their business, contribute to the development of the areas they transact their businesses. The Fulanis on the other hand expand to dominate others, control them and change their ways of life. The Igbos work to save lives and property, and the Fulanis intimidate other tribes by killing them into submission and destroying their lives and properties. I wondered how well-meaning and well-educated Nigerians fell for the Fulani propaganda. The Fulanis convinced other tribes that they were fighting for Nigeria while in truth they were fighting to remove their number one obstacle, the Igbos from military and political powers so that they can dominate others. I hope Nigerians, including Benue Plateau and Yorubas have now learnt their lessons. The unity of Nigeria is now seriously shaken. Can the rest of Nigerians, including the Hausas now wake up to stop the fulanisation of Nigeria and free themselves from slavery? Other tribes of Nigeria can now wake up and work with the Igbos to stop the Fulani ambition of making Nigeria the home of the entire Fulani race hence the fight to stop them would be bloody as Fulanis all over the world would descend on Nigeria. The Fulanis are already prepared hence the arrogant statements by Prof Ango Abdullahi and others regarding the determination of Fulanis to fight for the RUGA Settlement..Wake up now Nigerians!.



Baron Roy wrote


If 12 northern states already signed up for RUGA, why was it then cancelled?


Because it was only meant for takeover of Southern Regions.

  • RUGA would have increased the population of the Fulani in the South.
  • With the new population, electoral victory would be decided by mainly the Fulani.
  • With the RUGA communities, Emirates would dot the South.
  • With the RUGA settlements, the Fulani Militia would have military advantage over their poor victims.
  • With indigenous Southern RUGA-made citizens, political positions in the South would start going to the Fulani.
  • There would be the possibility of Fulani governors Anambra, Fulani Senators from Ogun, Fulani Rep members from Calabar.
  • In another 200 years, indigenous people of the South would be an absolute minority in their Homeland!
  • No, RUGA wasn't meant for the Northern States; it was absolutely designed for the South!
  • They might have suspended the public establishment of the RUGA but would commence the surreptitious establishment by approaching individuals and communities offering them obscene amounts.
  • Information reaching me shows that millions of Fulani nomads have arrived in recent weeks and are just waiting for 'posting' to the different RUGAs. These people cannot go back to their countries (if they ever had one).
  • It is safe to conclude that we have crossed the Rubicon and there's no room for retreat for the newly arrived Fulani.
  • The suspension is a gambit to let down our guards; we are in very apparent danger now.
  • We must organize our regions to stave off the next wave of violent attacks.*

They're here...and they shall come.*





RUGA Settlement the Original Intention for Nigerian Civil War

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