Sharia Democratic System?
What the hell is that?

Theocracy is a system of government; it is the use of religious tenets to pilot the affairs of a people. The Sharia philosophy is theocratic. 

Democracy is a system of government where the People decide how their affairs should be piloted. 

Most countries settle for either democracy or theocracy...or other forms. Whichever form is chosen, it must be just ONE! 

Nigeria has struggled for a century by having a combination of Theocracy and a pretense of democracy to run government. For all intents and purposes, our, system is far more theocratic than democratic. In a democracy, the people rule; in Nigeria, the people are an inconvenience. But Theocracy is actually Religious Fascism. And that's exactly what we practice here under the guise of being democratic. 

Whoever tells you we practice democracy in Nigeria is either a novice, a liar or simply clueless! 

No country in the world in 2019, has a combination of Theocracy and Democracy; only one form could be chosen! The combination of both is the disaster called Nigeria! Nothing would work in such confusion! 

The Sharia Theocratic System is incompatible with Popular Democracy! Yet, the 1999 constitution has implanted Sharia into a pseudo democracy and expect it to work? No, it cannot! The results are obvious; religious non-state actors with state affiliations causing strife...Boko Haram, Fulani Invasion, Caliphate Occupation and a religiously biased government! 

Sharia and Popular Democracy do not mix; less so on a multi religious,multi cultural and multinational country as Nigeria; it's combustible that would cause conflicts! To make it work,the country must be mono religious. Does that ring a bell? 

The 1999 constitution is a crime against humanity! A colossal fraud. And those that abide by it are actually criminals; from the president to the least person! Criminals!!! 

Demand for your #autonomousRegions today! Your life depends on it! 


Baron Roy


Sharia Democratic System? What the hell is that? 

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