By Ugezu J. Ugezu
January 10,2019

Dear Movie Producers in Eastern NIGERIA, do not let Lagos-Based Movie Reviewers tear down your work.

By the time you read the reviews by Nigerian Reviewers on the film LIONHEART, by our own @genevievennaji , and compare with the review from the NEW YORK TIMES, you will discover why many argue that wickedness dwells in Nigeria. What we do is destroy, we don't build.  - Except @sirucheagbo who did a near excellent job on his reviews, all others that I have read from our so called Nigerian Reviewers were deliberate efforts to destroy the film. But I am consoled, YOU CANNOT CURSE THE ONE GOD HAS BLESSED.

NEW YORK TIMES review on the same film has made nonsense of all your pull her down reviews by asserting that the film is indeed a masterpiece. - There is a risible attempt by some people who feel they have an open gate to media, to play down on everything we do from the east, to these set of people, we don't know what we are doing, but every new day that breaks, God invents a way to tell you guys that YOU ARE NOT HIM. - In 2014, by the Grace of God, I, Ugezu J. Ugezu was the only screenwriter invited from Nigeria to the 3rd international screenwriters conference in Warsaw, Poland.They told me finally when I got to Poland that they invited me because of my originality & consistency in telling the African stories. Note one thing, they bypassed all you professors and doctors of scripts to send that invitation to ordinary me in the east.

Finally, NETFLIX has paid Genevieve US$3.8m for the same film you gathered and reviewed as nonsense, NEW YORK TIMES has concluded it is our best.... I am wondering where you destiny killers will hide your faces now.

If you are a young filmmaker, I will advise you never to be discouraged by these demons that parade themselves as film reviewers in our country. They are not professionals, at least this is glaring from their consistent releases. Their target is to kill your zeal to make films. Continue making films, they are not your chi. Disturbingly, these guys that will hit their keyboards and destroy another's work, has never created any film... WHY LISTEN TO THEM????

Let Genevieve's audacity motivate you. Keep doing something, something will surely happen. At THE METAPHYSICAL STUDIO, we are ALWAYS STARTING SOMETHING.

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