The Aso Rock Impostor And The Northern Desperation For Power

The Aso Rock Impostor And The Northern Desperation For Power

This is simply the highest level of insult to not just Nigerians alone, but to the entire black race all over the world, that an impostor will mount the leadership of the greatest black nation, just for the satisfaction of the Fulani caliphate and the British government.

I never knew they will go so low to bringing the wife of late Muhammadu Buhari who has never appeared with the fake man from Sudan since Buhari died, to this eternal shame. And the more they try to cover their tracks, the more they expose themselves to the full glare of the world. 

Take a good look at the pictures being circulated all over social media and tell me you did not notice the difference between the two conflicting personalities. In his eagerness to copy the character and act like the  dead Nigerian President, he has continued to expose himself the more. When the impostor took this job he was assured by the cabals that Nigerians are imbeciles, uninformed, non- intelligent, gullible and above all dumb, hence he agreed thinking it will be an easy ride. But one thing he did not know was that among the people entrapped in Nigeria are Biafrans who are wise, intelligent, well informed and above all, are Wise men from the East.

The North made every effort to distance Biafrans from the government of Buhari because of the Yar'Adua saga. They regretted bringing an Easterner closer during the reign of Yar'Adua, something that destroyed their evil plan to hold Nigeria at ransom while they loot the Treasury dry. Dr. Dora Akunyiri of blessed memory, was a Biafran that exposed their plan by announcing the death of President Yar'Adua after they had for months, lied to Nigerians that the late President Yar'Adua was recuperating and will soon return to office hale and hearty. As Buhari assumed office, he vehemently refused to appoint a Biafran to his kitchen cabinet or anywhere close to military apparatus.  But did it save them in any way? No!

Watch the smiles of the fake man and that of Aisha Buhari. They are in different mood. Aisha is like a woman in mourning who was forced to put up some smiles even though the smile looks so fake, while the fake man struggles to impress with over reaction. Is it not now obvious that the Nigerian President is no more and that an impostor has taken over the mantle of leadership to the eternal shame of Nigeria and Nigerians.




At this stage we have to really question religion. Islamic religion frowns at many things and I believe a married woman sitting very close to another man is one of them. It is totally "Haram". A sin that required stoning to death according to Islamic laws. But here is Aisha Buhari sitting with another man pretending to be her husband albeit shamefully.

Since Nnamdi Kanu started exposing this impostor in Aso Rock, there has been an attempt to assassinate him through the Nigeria military when he was in his father's Palace in Afara-ukwu, Umuahia province, Biafraland. But with the grace of Chukwu-Okike-Abiama (God Almighty), he was evacuated by IPOB intelligent unit and safely appeared in Israel weeks ago.

However, a popular Saudi Arabian journalist was killed in Saudi consulate in Turkey, probably because he covered the burial of an African President buried in Saudi Arabia. 

A news broke out about the assassination of a Nigeria diplomat in Sudan. Probably he was among those that helped to recruit the Sudanese impostor masquerading as President Buhari. If not, why killing a Nigerian diplomat in Sudan?

You can fool many people, but definitely not all the people. Biafrans are wise and intelligent.

I know Atiku must have sworn to secrecy concerning the fake Sudanese President of Nigeria. But he will be so foolish to keep such secret and still loose election to a foreigner without PVC.

Shame on you Nigerians for allowing a stranger rule you all. I have rejected Nigeria and so shall it be until Biafra is restored and beyond. 

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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