The INEC International Disgrace

When we pleaded, wept and begged on this wall for people to see INEC for the terrorist organization it was, we were called names. When we posited that elections under the current structure were a sham, we were thoroughly upbraided. 

So people went out; queued up under the blazing sunshine, and endorsed a sham only to get their mandates stolen. We didn't gloat; in fact we wanted to be proved wrong. But neither INEC nor APC nor the presidency even bothered to prove us wrong; they rose to the occasion as the brazen criminals they were. They completely stole the People's Mandates and spat in their faces! 

Of course, the stage had been preset with the immoral removal of the CJN and the imposition of stooges in the Judiciary. The almost nonexistent credibility of the Nigerian State was absolutely wiped out. 

The world watched in amusement as we proved ourselves as Neanderthals with very little grey matter in our thick African skulls. So they ignored us, ignored our elections and our disgrace! It was all obvious during the inauguration; decent countries gave us a wide berth and treated us like some lepers! 

The European Union is out with the verdict on the 2019 Elections. Europeans are known to pass strong messages in a gentle and very polite manner; they've got this way of subtly passing a message and still make one feel good. On their 2019 Electoral Report on Nigeria however, they were less than subtle! The European Union practically labelled us shit-heads that allow cows to force us to eat grass in the name of elections! They virtually labelled INEC a criminal organization and stopped short of calling the president a terrorist! They didn't call the populace idiots but it was deeply implied! 

What more do we want? How else would we be told that the Electoral Philosophy and indeed, the 1999 Constitution, is a total unjusticiable impossibility? How else would we be told that the current structure is as useful as watching a lizard sleep? When would we quit being foolish and agree to set aside that abomination called Constitution? 

INEC is humiliating the Nigerian State...INEC is advertising our stupidity on the international stage. We are encouraging the world to see us as people that couldn't think straight with our continuous validation of a travesty! 

We have to quit sticking our heads in the sand and hoping that problems would go away; the EU has told us in blunt terms that what we're doing is beyond ridiculous. Let's tell ourselves the truth and revert to first principles: Shred the 1999 Constitution and go for Regional Governments. All elections must be local; we don't need an INEC, less so the one controlled by the president! 

And we definitely do NOT need a president!!! 

Work for your #autonomousRegion today.

#thinkAgain; it's no crime yet!

Baron Roy


The INEC International Disgrace

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