The Nigerian Question Since Independence

By Patrick Okafor
For Biafra Writers
19th November 2018

No one has done more to expose the lies about Nigeria than the indefatigable, the man who saw tomorrow, the prophet of our time, Ohamadike Biafra and the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. His in-depth analysis of the problems of the geographical space called the “Zoological republic of Nigeria” is legendary. To his credit, Radio Biafra has become a lecture domain for all the ills responsible for the underdevelopment of Nigeria for those who care to know. The Biafra radio station has become the most popular radio station in the world, it has become a place where truth is spoken, and where the problems that befall the zoo is analyzed with no holds barred. God is using this intelligent, vocal and fearless man to unearth all the hidden lies that have been suppressed over the decades, especially since the so-called independence from Britain. Since his illegal detention on the 14th of October, 2015, Nigeria has never known peace. There have been other Biafran liberation movement groups before he became fed-up, because they were too unprepared in the real sense for his kind of freedom-fighting. They were all treating the problems of Biafra in Nigeria with a pinch of salt. He got into trouble with the group MASSOB led by one Ralph Uwazuruike. He was told in no uncertain terms to tone down on his rhetorics. Clearly, that space was too small to contain him. He was kidnapped, tortured just to break him.

That was what led to the setting up of radio Biafra as we know it today, the rest is history. From the point of setting up radio Biafra in 2009, it has become the rallying point for educating Biafrans on the lies that the Fulani hegemony and their cohorts has perpetrated over the years against the Biafran populace, the divide and rule tactics that their master, Britain taught them. Since his detention and release with the most stringent bail conditions ever, his critics are surely listening to him especially since his sudden reappearance in Jerusalem. The reverberations of his weekly broadcasts on radio Biafra since the 2nd of October 2018, has been, to say the least, earth-shattering. He’s living up to his mandate of destroying the zoological republic of Nigeria with the truth and nothing but the truth.

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He has continued not only to unmask the problems of Nigeria since inception, but has cracked open the faulty foundations of the Zoological republic – Nigeria, with the expose on the occupant of Aso Rock, Muhammadu Buhari, who we are learning, died on the 27th of January, 2017. The Cabals in Aso Rock, hell-bent on preventing a change of power have gone as far as cloning a look-alike person to double as the dead president Buhari. These cabals have done everything to hide that truth from the over 200 million Nigerians. In a saner clime, all of them would be serving life sentences or even death sentences. Kanu has been analyzing all the forensic evidences and the various events that has taken place since the passing-on of Buhari. From the flight log which indicates a stop-over at Casablanca to pick up a life-support machine to the eventual brain-dead condition on getting to London and then the funeral in Saudi Arabia on the 19th of January, 2017. There’s also the issue of the wife - Aisha’s return from Saudi Arabia and the lie that she went for a lesser Hajj.

Several times, she has pointed out that the cloned man is not her husband. To buttress this point, this cloned Buhari has not been seen in public with his wife and family. Every other video clip of him has been stage-managed. He’s a Sudanese, Jubril Al-Sudani masquerading as President Muhammadu Buhari since June of 2017. With these latest revelations by the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the zoo will obviously disintegrate. This is the final nail to the coffin of Nigeria as a country. Thanks be to Chukwu Okike Abiama, Elohim, for the impeccable IPOB leader, the Lion of Biafra. He vowed that should they not let Biafra go, he will bring to an end, this concoction put together by Britain without the people’s consent. He is living up to that creed every passing day. The pillars of Nigeria are hemorrhaging. These latest revelations will surely pull it down for good. It can only get worse with these weekly expose leading up to 2019.

Edited By Kutanya Obi Ezeuchu
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The Nigerian Question Since Independence

Nigeria 58


I have never seen a country as daft as the occupants of this entity called Nigeria!

Your president left a fortnight ago telling you he was attending an international armistice forum held in France which he never attended as many evidences both video and pictorial has proved, yet none of you Nigerians has bordered to ask questions as to where your president has gone to.

As if that was not enough, your presidential media aids and handlers went ahead and photoshopped old images of the real Buhari during the 2015 Climate Change Conference held in France and after seeing that glaring evidences on the social media, yet, nobody uttered a word to question those handling your president or embarked on a protest to demand who is really parading himself as your president at the Aso Villa who have been receiving his salaries in full with other incentives and benefits in these past three years from the tax payers money, yet everybody was busy going about their normal businesses as if nothing has happened! 

To worse it all, the news about his absence from that conference has been circulating the social media which is a great opportunity for those that calls themselves journalists to prepare to question him and his handlers anytime he shows up in Nigeria to ascertain why he told them he was travelling to France but wasn't sighted there until the conference was over. But they won't do this, rather they would always busy themselves with irrelevant things that never benefits anyone in the country. What a shame on the Nigerians practicing journalism! Oh dear me!!

Even as we speak, he is nowhere to be found because he is yet to return from that conference that he never attended.

Now my question is this: Is everybody in Nigeria this daft or are we under some Fulani spell that prevents us from the touch of reality and from speaking as at when due? Is our mumu never do?



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