The Ungrateful Nature Of A Black Man. Other Tribes In Nigeria Precisely

By Emeka Nwabiafra Chukwu
10th December 2018

Yesterday, I had a chat with a British political pundit, Mr. Jones, a 30 years old man from Birmingham. During the course of our colloquy, I had to ask him questions concerning Britain and her role in Nigeria politics.

It went this way..

ME= Mr. Jones, why is Britain belligerent to BIAFRA and being complicit to our plights?

In response, the was his words.

Jones= Emeka my good friend, without mincing words,I think from the information I got that it was a Biafran person, an Igbo man that carried out the revolution which saw Britain off Nigeria.

The British leaders up to this day are not happy with you guys, reasons that the British colonists were controlling every mineral resources in Nigeria free before Nnamdi Azikiwe instigated that revolution. This one major reason they are belligerent to u guys and are ready to go to any point to stop ur guys from being independent.

Emeka don't forget also that  60% of Britain's income comes from Nigeria's oil and gas.

So Emeka that's where the hatred started. Though I am a British, I'll tell u one thing, I am totally against the indirect rule going on in Nigeria which BIAFRA and Igbo people are the victims. You niggas deserves freedom.

I blamed the other tribes in Nigeria, they are too blind. They are not cognitive to the fact that the independent of BIAFRA would bring civilization and transformations in the whole of Africa.

You guys should be strong and continue your agitation,I wish u niggas well. God shall grant u niggas ur request which is freedom..

         Pulse a little bit

   Take a deep breath

I guess u are retrospecting on these words from Jones?

At these point,let me quickly recaps some of the histories of Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in Zungere in the northern part of Nigeria in the near 1904, precisely November 16th.He attended his primary and secondary school in Onitsha, Calabar and Lagos respectively.

By 1925, he went to the United States of America where he attended storer college, Howard and Lincoln universities where he studied political science and bagged several doctorate degrees. He later in 1934  taught political science as a lecturer in same Lincoln university.

By 1937 he came back to Ghana were he got job as an editor in the  African morning post, a daily news paper in Accra Ghana. He was also a pan africanist. He began to use his office to spread the message concerning the need for Nigeria independent.

In 1942-1945 he joined NCNC party where he later became the leader of the political party. By 1945, his news papers had flooded the south West and other parts in Nigeria in the massive orientation of the masses concerning Nigeria independent..

Later in 1960 Nigeria officially got her independent from Britain. And this independent is as a result of Nnamdi Azikiwe's efforts, struggle and resources. He was the major player in the struggle for NIGERIA independent.

Questions that I keep asking myself are these:

Why are other tribes in Nigeria still against igbo people?

Why are we seen as second class citizens in the same country somebody from our region single handedly fought for her independent?

Why are we the victims of the system?

When the northerners goes on killing spree,it's always the head of ndi igbo that usually go down. Why?

The same east that her son fought for Nigeria independent lost 5m innocent souls during the genocide called war. Why?

Why are the other tribes ungrateful to Ndi for our efforts to the liberation of NIGERIA from Britain?

I still need an answers to these questions..

In Nigeria today, almost all the good things and names Nigeria has internationally are as a result of the efforts of ndi igbo..

In sports,u have the likes of JJ okocha,Kanu Nwankwo and so many others.

In education,the likes of late Chinua Achebe, Chile Obi, chimamanda and so many others have brought good name to this country internationally via their God's given knowledge.

In business,igbos are the bedrocks of Nigeria. Go to Lagos and Kano etc. U will see how igbos are developing these areas not minding that it's not their region.




The Ungrateful Nature Of A Black Man. Other Tribes In Nigeria Precisely

But in all these efforts of ndi igbo in this fraudulent called Nigeria,the other tribes have always wants us to live in backwardness and sorrow as a result of hatred.

In same Nigeria an igbo man fought for, we have

No international airport since over 58 years now

No workable sea port

No dry port

No security headquarters

All our federal roads are death traps

Lopsided appointment

No inclusion of an Igbo man in the Nigeria security council

We still buy petrol #250/ltr where as the oil is in our backyards.

In the house representative,igbo have just 43 members out of the 360 members. No motion raised by an igbo man can ever pass first reading.

Igbo youths are being killed on a broad day light for protesting against marginalization

In the Senate,igbo have just 15 senators out of the 109. 

Igbo man totally does not have a say in Nigeria political system today.

The leaders we have here are all political vassals. They are answerable to the Sokoto caliphate. Even when their ppl are being killed by Nigeria soldiers,they can't condemn it reasons being that the north is in support of it.

These were actually the fate of ndi igbo today in Nigeria

All these marginalizations are the Thank you message we got from the other tribes in Nigeria for fighting for the independent of Nigeria.

British colonists used the north to gain political and economic control of the other tribes in Nigeria and it worked pretty well because of the lack of education in the north. The northerners are happy for killing same people that fought for the independent of Nigeria as a result of British conspiracies.

That is the paradox of a black man. We are ready to kill fellow Black to please the white

In conclusion to this article, my message to the other tribes in Nigeria are these; 

We are not going to take it anymore

We have chosen to opt out from Nigeria because the system itself had brought us humiliation, sorrow, deaths and impovrishments and we can't continue to live this way.

We can't continue to use our blood to appease Nigeria


FOR over 58 years now,we have being subjected to







And we have decided to answer a name other than Nigeria and that name is BIAFRA.




----------------Editor’s Note----------------

Now, can you see how some British people reason? Do you still think that the British are intelligent enough to concur the whole world again? But how did they concur the whole world in the first place reasoning this way? Lucky enough there will be no more British Empire as Britain has gone down the hill.

For the reason that Igbo man fought for Nigeria independence or prevented the British from taking over some parts or the whole of the country, this makes every Igbo man the target, he or she must pay for something someone did. For Igbo man taking part in a coup, every Igbo person is a target and must pay for it.

All Germans are not held accountable for Hitler’s actions or were they?.



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