This is Nigeria!

A nation with a leader whose Identity is in question.

A nation with a leader whose age is in question.

A nation with a leader whose certificate is in question.

A nation with a leader whose competence is in question;.

A nation with a leader whose integrity is in question.

A nation with a leader whose patriotism is in question.

A nation with a leader whose followers' sanity is in question.

A nation with a leader whose love for humanity is in question 

Welcome to Nigeria, 

The home of most gullible and confused people on earth. 

The home of people starving to death but chanting Sai Baba! 

The home for the Poor and sickly myopic political followers

The home where anomalies are normal

The home where a Failed leader is seeking Re-election

The home where truth is hate-speech and lie is truth

The home where democracy is upturned and youths don't talk

The home with a leader with an open nature of Adolf Hitler.

Our home, where we have a leader,

Who stole NNPC's $2.8 billion (1977), $25billion (2018)

Who mismanaged $150 million PTF (1998)

Who has caused this nation brain-drain by his incompetence 

Who believes that lawful expression is a treason

Who cannot tolerate criricism or opposition 

Who has actively supported and encouraged terrorism. (Fulani pple move around with sticks. Monkeys and baboons will soak in blood comments).

Who made our treasury experience rape and drain

Who is legendary for tribal and religious bigortry 

Who insults Nigerians at will before foreign audiences

Who defies court order having no regard for Rule of Law

Who is anti-people...never signing bills good for masses. '

You are welcome to a nation with a leader whose business in office is blame past government while having no competence to deliver on his own campaign promises. Sai, what a nation!

Copied! — with Iyke Ikechukwu.



This is Nigeria!

Crying Nigeria

Nigerian senators who earn more than N37M monthly are telling those who earn N18k monthly that paying them N30k will lead to inflation. I laugh in Chinese "可ツ笑ホ的I 可ツ笑ホ的I" ⟃⇿. Funny thing is that most Nigerians have refused to do anything about it. Instead, they continue to fold their hands and move to their comfort zone of suffering and smiling. No revolution, no protest and no resistance.

Nigerians continue to accept police brutality, insecurity, corruption, Nepotism, dictatorial rule of governance, inadequate infrastructures, bad government, poverty, no health insurance policies, lack of social amenities, promise and fail from politicians. Nigerians have literally failed to stand up against all these injustices. 

And when you talk about the agitation for BIAFRA some God-forsaken individuals who don't know how/what it feels like to have 24/7 electricity, Good hospitals/health-care, Basic social amenities, good road, good government, good security, good paying jobs, will start talking balderdash and gibberish on how IPOB must stop fighting for BIAFRA and start working for the unity of "One Nigeria". The same "One Nigeria" where their leaders and politicians continue to enrich themselves and keep their families abroad with wealth meant for the country while these same so-called leaders and politicians gladly use jobless and helpless Nigerian youths as political thugs and allow the masses to live in adject poverty.

They have made the government their family title while they continue to rotate the National cake amongst themselves. I pray it's not too late before you credulous Nigerians wake up from your dormancy and realize that Nigeria is never going to work. Igbos, Yoruba's and Hausa-Fulani's can never truly be one in the same country without been tribalistic, Ethnically biased and religiously intolerant. It's a proven fact! In Lugard's own words: "The north and south are like oil and water – they cannot mix”. 

The only lasting solution is to break up this scumhole country called Nigeria or you call the British back to colonize you again, the same people who put you in this jumble in the first place. By the way, Luxembourg is not up to a 1 Million population yet she's one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The population of Nigeria is 198 million people yet the world's poverty capital. The population of Nigeria is more than enough to make up 10 countries, so what's the hassle? Break her up! 

- Somto Okonkwo




It is shocking

Nnamdi Kanu’s Ways

Nnamdi Kanu With Biafra Cake

This is the reason why even as a Yoruba, I have decided to follow Nnamdi Kanu, the young man is truthful in all that I ever heard him say, he is straightforward in all that I ever saw him do, he has never failed to deliver in anything that he ever got involved to say, I couldn't move out yesterday, I was eagerly waiting for his new year broadcast, one thing about him is that every of his broadcast comes with new truth...i wish we have more of his kind, in fact 5 of his kind will go a long way to deliver and liberate Africa from darkness...nigeria is a useless country and only referendum to determine its existence can save it. My advise is to let Biafra go in peace, they will be a good neighbour to the remaining portion of nigeria...

©Clinton kliff



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