A Soldier Makes A Very Wise Decision

This the kind of news I want to be hearing these days.

According to news, This guy from Mbano in Imo state was formally a Nigerian soldier.

He had fought in Sambisa forest but because of the way their commanders will send them to fight Boko Haram without equipping them, he decided to resign.

Today he is living large in Malaysia

This is a great news

Had it been he didn't resign, he would be amongst those who waste their precious life for this God forsaken nation called Nigeria

See as him fresh like American baby

Thumps up bro

Good news indeed


This is a handwriting on the wall my fellow soldiers of Nigeria Army. A special dose for those of us from the eastern region. I think I have the opportunity to tell you the simple truth about the Nigeria Army. There has been a meeting between the Yoruba and northerners to send soldiers from the eastern region to sambisa forest  because they know that we will not come back again. And to send the northerners to the eastern region clear our innocent brothers and mothers while we are busy dying in sambisa forest with boko haram. To me I said enough is enough the truth must be told. I have now quit this zoo military,  I am flying away,  I have my visa  and I will be busy flying away.  I am going back to my country home - The  God’s own country;  I am going home to defend my people to fight for the betterment of my country  and my unborn children. I am flying away  timaya-god design country,  it is a nation I am going to my country biafra land  where we have our freedom.  I am advising  others on time to let all my brother from the zoo military  come home and defend their land.  These people are busy pushing us into sambisa forest  to go and die. They are pushing us to go and see shekau, they want boko haram to slaughter us all from the eastern region.  For me I say no  I say no to the zoo military  I am going home to my father's land,  my beautiful country  my beautiful nation,  a place to serve chukwu okike abiama  with the truth and honesty  I am going home  to regain my father's land. My people say the zoo must sink, I personally say the zoo must burn, they must burn to ashes.

All hail biafra


Okafor Cana
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